Maintenance Management . . .New MSD V3? Upgrade Software ASAP

Units, did you know that the Electronic Maintenance System—Next Generation (EMS NG) software comes pre-installed on your Maintenance Support Device (MSD) Version 3?

When you get a new MSD V3, you’ll likely see that the EMS NG Viewer and Autonomous Diagnostic Manager (ADM) Version 2.1.7 is already on your machine’s hard drive. This makes it look like it’s ready to go straight out-of-the-box.

While it may make MSD prep easier for maintenance shops, in this case pre-installed software can cause problems. Software update v. 2.1.8, released in December 2013, fixed any glitches or bugs in the older version. Remember, it’s always best to use the latest software version with your MSD.

For optimal MSD V3 performance, remove the older version of the software and replace it with the latest version. You can find and download the EMS NG Viewer/ADM software at:

or from AKO at:

     Note: Pre-installed software is not included on the supplied MSD V3 recovery disc. Also, if an MSD V3 hard drive is reformatted in the field, the EMS NG software is not included as part of the installation package.

Problems or questions? Submit a ticket to the EMS NG help desk at:

    Call the help desk at 1-877-445-1780 or email:


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