M119-Series Towed Howitzers…Stem the Tide of Broken Tire Stems

Crewmen, at one time or another you’ve probably broken the tire stem off the right-side (knockoff) wheel on your M119-series towed howitzer. It’s easy to do when removing the wheel for emplacement.

It’s frustrating because now you have to take the time to replace the tire. Even worse, your howitzer is NMC until that’s done.

But now there’s a new tire assembly, NSN 2530-01-626-2559, that’s designed to prevent broken tire stems and keep your howitzer in the game.

The new assembly has a bracket and counterweight welded to the right wheel rim. This acts as a guard to protect the valve stem when removing or remounting the wheel.

This new tire assembly replaces both the old left-side wheel assembly, NSN 2530-01-541-7004, and the old right-side wheel assembly, NSN 2530-01-541-7001.

It comes ready to install as a left-side assembly. But to install it as a right-side assembly, you’ll need the wheel plate, NSN 1015-01-341-8687; six wheel studs, NSN 1015-01-343-1901; and six nuts, NSN 5310-01-342-3687, from the old right-side assembly. If you didn’t hold onto that hardware, you’ll need to order it before installing the new wheel assembly.

It’s OK to mix old and new assemblies. For example, you can have a new assembly on the left side and an old assembly on the right.

Questions? Contact 105mm howitzer team members Andy Mosher at (586) 282-6547 or Brian Lindeman at (586) 282-5618, or email:


You can also contact Jonathan Serra from the TACOM wheel assembly team at (586) 282-4347, or email:



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The Logistics Information Warehouse Article

The Logistics Information Warehouse – LIW—is where a Soldier can get all the data on maintenance and readiness and parts tracking and, well, everything on Logistics! You need training and this two-page article from our May issue tells you how to get it. No excuses! Half-Mast


PS Issue 738, May 2014 has Arrived!

April showers bring May PM flowers in the form of the May issue of PS magazine, Issue 738! My advance copy came today and I’ve attached a picture of the front cover and the index. Your copies should show up in your motor pools, commo shops and arms rooms next week. But, just for my faithful blog and twitter followers, I’m posting today six of the articles from the May issue! And to quote the late, great Paul Harvey, Stand byyy for Newwwws! Half-Mast



MLRS: Safety First When Doing PM

The MLRS is a big, heavy beast of a combat vehicle. Here are a few safety tips to remember.

When you’re cranking the cab up or down, make sure to stay as low and as far under the vehicle as possible. If your head is poking out, the cab can come crashing down on it. Talk about a headache!

Always crank slowly. If you crank too fast, the cab bounces and that can break the lift mechanism. Any time you feel the cab start to bounce, immediately stop cranking! The cab is most likely to bounce when its weight shifts forward or backward, depending on which direction it’s going. So that’s when it’s especially important to crank slowly.

When you’re raising or lowering the cab, make sure no one else is in front of the cab. You don’t want them getting hit by the cab either.

It’s critical you install both jury struts before you work under the launcher. If the elevation actuators that hold up the launcher collapse without both struts in place, the launcher will crush anyone underneath it. Remember both the launcher drive system (LDS) and launcher engine have to be off before you install the struts.

But before you install those struts, make sure they’re ready to strut their stuff. Look them over for cracks, deformities and loose or missing rivets. Ensure that both ends of the struts can move freely and independently.

Also make sure they have the correct quick-release pins. Never substitute! If the locking pins are broken or missing, order more with NSN 5315-01-394-0837.

CAISI: Get ’Em While You Can!

      Heads up, units! The Combat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface (CAISI), Line Item Numbers (LINs) P99881 and A40443, are shifting to sustainment.

    LIN P99881 is the CAISI Combo, NSN 5820-01-564-4845. LIN A40443 is the CAISI System Support Representative (SSR) accessory kit, NSN 5999-01-566-3094.

This means CAISI sustainment support is moving from Product Director (PD) CAISI to CECOM. After August 30th, 2014, PD CAISI will no longer offer these systems. This also means if you have a shortage of CAISI systems or component parts after that date, you’ll need to requisition the systems or buy parts with unit funds.

Currently, there is a no-cost option for replacement of LIN P99881. This option includes taking parts from on-hand P99881s to fill enduring system component shortages, and executing a Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL) through your appointing authority to satisfy accountability requirements. In other words, you’ll drop systems with shortages from property book accountability.

Also, the radio component and ZYTEL switch component of LIN P99881 require positive control. If serviceable, these can be kept by the Sustainment Automation Support Management Offices (SASMOs) as spares/floats, or turned over to AMC Forward Repair Activities (FRAs), Guard FRAs or the Army Reserve Tactical Computer Exchange.

Units that have unserviceable P99881s or A40443s should take the following steps:

Remove the serviceable components and use them to fill shortages in enduring sets. Then turn in the remaining unserviceable components to DLA Disposition Services. If turning in radio components or Zytel switches, they must first be demilled (crushed, torn or mutilated).

If taking parts from a system results in a LIN shortage, look for local excess to fill the shortage, to include theater-provided equipment (TPE) if deployed.

If you are still short on CAISI, submit an email requisition for a free replacement. (Reminder: Email requests for free CAISI issue from PD CAISI lasts only until August 30th, 2014.)

Include the following information in your request:

  • Your unit identification code (UIC)
  • Your Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC)
  • A point of contact with phone number, shipping address and email (usually your unit’s property book officer [PBO])

Depending on your Army command, send your email requisition request to the following POCs:

Active Army: patrick.b.barnette.civ@mail.mil

National Guard: robert.j.young2.mil@mail.mil

Army Reserve: chalia.d.boyce.civ@mail.mil

Questions? Contact Mr. Harlan S. Cashdollar at DSN 224-9339, (703) 614-9339, or email: harlan.s.cashdollar.civ@mail.mil