A Day for All Vets

On November 11th, Veteran’s Day, America honors its military Veterans.

From Chateau-Thierry to Omaha Beach, Chosin Reservoir to the Gulf of Tonkin, Kuwait to Kosovo, Baghdad to Kabul, millions of men and women have served in the Armed Forces ofThe United States.

We have the utmost respect for all Veterans whether they carried arms or repaired arms; whether they fired cannons or cleaned cannons; whether they drove a truck or rebuilt a truck; they’re Veterans all.

And so are you!

Veterans are Soldiers who have “been there and done that” and have more than a T-shirt to prove it!  They make the tough jobs look easy and turn the impossible into possible.  They do the job right, because slipshod work today could cost a life tomorrow.

We at PS especially appreciate the Veterans of the Preventive Maintenance wars. You have saved equipment and by doing so, have saved lives.  A rifle in a chaotic battle has fired true, because of you.  A tank has rolled and saved a platoon because of you.  A truck has carried the needed supplies to feed the hungry and bind the wounded because of you.

Who are Veterans?  Here at PS, we know that Veterans are Soldiers who have recognized the United States Army has the World’s Best Equipment and they have played the very important role of maintaining that equipment.


Hot Topic | Having Trouble Viewing PS Online?

We posted a Hot Topic 6/21/11 with step-by-step instructions for viewing PS.

Half-Mast’s Pictures of PS Magazine’s 60th Anniversary Celebration

Joe Kubert has been the artist drawing PS Magazine for ten years. He came to Huntsville, AL to meet the staff and to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the military magazine on equipment maintenance.

From left: Paul Fitzgerald, Joe Kubert, LT GEN Dennis L. Via, COL Robert "Pat" Sullivan

Joe Kubert greets the first managing editor of PS Magazine, Paul Fitzgerald, in company of LT GEN Via and COL Sullivan

First managing editor, Paul Fitzgerald, reminisces about time on board

Joe Kubert greets guests attending celebration with stories of his career with PS Magazine and with colleague Will Eisner

LT GEN Dennis Via congratulating staff of PS for their accomplishments and contribution to the military and preventive maintenance

From left: SGT MAJ Tim Shelton, GEN Dennis Via, acting editor Jonathan Pierce, and COL Robert Sullivan preparing to slice the cake


Have you viewed Paul Fitzgerald’s blog yet? He has more photos of the memorable occasion!

PS Magazine: How it all began

When you add my blog to your list of Favorites, make sure you add this blog, too:

The Best of PS Magazine

This blog is published by the first Managing Editor of PS Magazine, Paul Fitzgerald, and tells the history of the early years of PS. Here’s a picture of Paul in some distinguished company:


left to right: Joe Kubert; Lieutenant General Dennis L. Via, Deputy Commanding General of AMC; Colonel Robert P. Sullivan. LOGSA Commander; and Paul E. Fitzgerald.

Now here is his entire blog post about the recent celebration of the 60th Anniversary of PS magazine. Read and enjoy and make sure you make his blogspot site a favorite!