HMMWV Cargo Box Containment Nets Offer Protection

The cargo box on your unit’s HMMWVs can pack a lot of the stuff you need on missions.  But you might want extra support to keep those items in place.

NSN 3940-01-509-9096 brings an interior containment net (48×54 inches) that works on 4-door hard shell HMMWVs such as the M1025, M1114, and M1151.  NSN 3940-01-449-2379 brings a cargo net (80×84 inches) that’s used on open-bed HMMWV models such as the M998, M1152 and M1097.

The nets keep cargo from bouncing around the inside of your truck.  Plus, they can keep flying cargo from hitting the driver and passengers if the vehicle rolls over.

You can also put a net on the  HMMWV’s trunk lid to contain cargo. Just order a net for each use—interior, lid, or open bed containment.

A three-position molded nylon clamp locks the clinching rope that goes around the entire net.  Each net comes with a storage bag and attachment instructions.