Memorial Day message from MSG Half-Mast

To those now serving and veterans, this weekend we honor those who gave “their last full measure of devotion.”  I will spend some quiet time with those brave men and women at the military area of my local cemetery.  I will be honored to show honor at a wreath laying ceremony.  I will also enjoy friend and family time.  I will overeat and raise a glass or two to those who put their country first.  I will take advantage of any “freebees” offered by local merchants, restaurant owners and owners of recreational facilities. I will know that they really aren’t free. I will know that every man and woman that has worn the uniform paid a price. But I will thank the merchants and be grateful that they recognize my service and the service of those who cannot enjoy their kindness.  I will understand that the greatness of my Country is in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and in the military men and women that make sure that Constitution and that Bill of Rights lives on for another generation.  You are the best and the brightest.  We at PS Magazine salute you and thank you. Enjoy the weekend and do some preventive maintenance on your body and soul by finding some peace and rest.

MSG Half-Mast


AN/PSQ-20 NVG… New Helmet Cover for New Goggles

    Not just any helmet cover will do when you’re wearing the AN/PSQ-20  enhanced night vision goggles (ENVG) on your advanced combat helmet (ACH).  You can’t use the standard ACH cover because it’s not designed to fit over the ENVG helmet mount and battery pack.

When you wear the AN/PSQ-20, you also need to wear the ENVG ACH cover. The ENVG cover has a large opening in front to fit over the helmet mount.  It also has a pouch flap in back to fit over the battery pack.  The camouflaged flap conceals the battery pack and helps to conceal you.  It also protects the pack and prevents it from snagging on objects.

You can easily tell the difference between the ENVG ACH cover and the standard ACH cover.  And that difference helps you choose the right cover when operating the ENVG.

The ENVG cover comes in sizes small/medium, large/x-large and xx-large.  It’s available in universal camouflage pattern (UCP) and Operation Enduring Freedom camouflage pattern (OCP).

    Currently, the ENVG ACH helmet cover is not in the supply system.  Units will be issued the cover when they deploy.  If you need a replacement cover, phone Project Manager Soldier Maneuver Sensors’ (PM SMS) Anthony Pesano at (703) 704-4895 or email:


The ENVG, helmet cover, parts and accessories are included in your unit’s prescribed load list (PLL)/authorized stockage list (ASL).  Having all your PLL/ASL provides your unit with ENVG parts and accessories such as ACH covers, lens caps, knobs, neck cords, eye cups, technical manuals and more.

Here’s a list of all the PLL/ASL for your ENVG:

Sacrificial window, NSN 5855-01-246-8271*

Neck cord, NSN 4020-01-446-8097*

7-pin connector dust cap, NSN 5340-01-554-9624*

Switch assembly lever, NSN 5340-01-554-9717

Switch knob, NSN 5355-01-555-0044

Eye cup, NSN 5855-01-246-8273*

Infrared light filter, NSN 5855-01-379-1410*

ENVG system, NSN 5855-01-534-6449

Eyepiece lens cap, NSN 5855-01-554-9678*

Objective lens cap, NSN 5855-01-555-0007*

Helmet mount, NSN 5855-01-555-0028*

Carrying case, NSN 5895-01-554-9667

Helmet mount wiring assembly (HMWA), NSN 5995-01-554-9735*

L91 lithium battery, NSN 6135-01-333-6101

Battery box, NSN 6160-01-554-9890*

Battery box cover, NSN 6160-01-554-9907*

Chin strap assembly, foliage green, NSN 8470-01-530-0868

Helmet post for ACH, NSN 8470-01-531-4284

Mounting bolt, HMWA, NSN 8470-01-568-3589

TM 11-5855-322-23&P

TM 11-5855-322-10*

    *These items come with the ENVG system, 5855-01-534-6449.

The June PS has arrived!

PS 727

How to Order PS Magazine

Unit pub clerks, once you=ve set up a pubs account with DOL or AEPUBS, you can submit a specific request for PS.

Enter the desired quantity of PS Magazine when you order. We recommend a copy for each of the following in a company-size unit: the commander, first sergeant, XO, motor sergeant, each vehicle mechanic, supply sergeant, armorer, CBRN NCO, communications NCO, and extra copies as approved by the commanding officer, for distributing in common areas for equipment operators.

To find out how to order PS for other military services or how to get a private subscription, visit:

When ordering any pubs, check to be sure that your unit=s mailing address is correct. If the address is wrong, you need to complete Section III on DA Form 12-R.

Send the DA Form 12-R as an attachment to one of the following email addresses.




UTAP Makes Vehicle Recovery a Snap


Good news, vehicle recovery specialists. You no longer have to scramble to find a pad, pencil and eraser to calculate mechanical advantages (MAs).

The Unit Training Assistance Program (UTAP) at TACOM LCMC has vehicle recovery Excel spreadsheets that can figure out MAs in minutes. This saves time and improves safety by ending guesswork and reducing the odds of miscalculation. Spreadsheets are available on the following pieces of equipment and forces:

You can get these formula spreadsheets in the Library of TACOM Training Information Site (LOTTIS) by grabbing your CAC and going to:


  • Click on the Army tab
  • Click on Vehicle Recovery Formulated Spreadsheets
  • Click on Vehicle Recovery Spreadsheets
  • Click on Vehicle Rigging
  • Click on Supplemental System Files.

Files can be downloaded to your personal computer or Maintenance Service Device (MSD). If you have any questions, contact UTAP training coordinator Rod Irons at DSN 786-3722, 586-282-3722, or email:


Night Vision…Introducing a New Helmet Mount

A new helmet mount, NSN 5855-01-610-8704, is available for mounting the AN/PVS-7 night vision goggles and the AN/PVS-14 monocular night vision device.  The new mount fits on the advanced combat helmet (ACH) and the combat vehicle crewman’s (CVC) helmet.  It uses the current front bracket, NSN 5340-01-509-1467.

The new mount allows you to vertically adjust your night vision and lock it into place.

The old helmet mount, NSN 5855-01-551-4525, will be issued until stocks run out.

The following NSNs belong to helmet mounts that are terminal items.  Don’t use them with the ACH or CVC helmet:





Dispose of unserviceable helmet mounts at your local Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Disposition Services (formerly DRMO).  Do not send unserviceable mounts to Tobyhanna Army Depot.  Units will not receive credit for turning in serviceable or unserviceable mounts.

Need more information?  Contact these folks at the CECOM Logistics and Readiness Center:

Allison M. Dutton, inventory manager, DSN 648-1428, (443) 395-1428, or email:

Jenny Irizarry, ILS manager, DSN 648-1406, (443) 395-1406, or email:

Angel Acevedo, engineer, DSN 648-1407, (443) 395-1407, or email:

Timothy L. Langan, engineer, DSN 648-1429, (443) 395-1429, or email:

SMART Still Going Strong

  With budget cutbacks around every corner, it’s easy for rumors to get started. Here’s one that needs to be nipped in the bud!  The Army’s Supply and Maintenance Assessment Review Team (SMART) and its associated Tool Improve Suggestions (TIPS) program are still here and still accepting suggestions.

Another rumor is that the Army Suggestion Program (ASP) is gone. That one’s true. It’s easy to confuse the programs because of their similar missions, but the best SMART suggestions often solve everyday problems. Your ideas on supply, maintenance, transportation, food service or any other aspect of Army logistics are encouraged. Approved SMART ideas can earn cash awards.

Also, if you submitted a logistics idea to ASP but never heard back, and you believe your suggestion is still valid, you can resubmit it to SMART.

Check out the SMART website and download the helpful handbook at:

(Note: On the 25th of April, LIA shut the SMART Website down for upgrades but it will return.)

Visit the SMART milBook page at: