Continuity | The War of Jenkins Ear, PS Issue 676

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Continuity | Tactical Vehicles: Cutting Corrosion, PS Issue 693

AMC Application Update URLs

Three applications have migrated and are now hosted at the Logistic Support Activity (LOGSA). Here are the new URLs:

AMTAS (Army Modernization Training Automation Systems)

MENS-E (Materiel Enterprise Non-Standard Equipment Datebase)

LINs (AMC LIN database)


Half-Mast’s Pictures of PS Magazine’s 60th Anniversary Celebration

Joe Kubert has been the artist drawing PS Magazine for ten years. He came to Huntsville, AL to meet the staff and to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the military magazine on equipment maintenance.

From left: Paul Fitzgerald, Joe Kubert, LT GEN Dennis L. Via, COL Robert "Pat" Sullivan

Joe Kubert greets the first managing editor of PS Magazine, Paul Fitzgerald, in company of LT GEN Via and COL Sullivan

First managing editor, Paul Fitzgerald, reminisces about time on board

Joe Kubert greets guests attending celebration with stories of his career with PS Magazine and with colleague Will Eisner

LT GEN Dennis Via congratulating staff of PS for their accomplishments and contribution to the military and preventive maintenance

From left: SGT MAJ Tim Shelton, GEN Dennis Via, acting editor Jonathan Pierce, and COL Robert Sullivan preparing to slice the cake


Have you viewed Paul Fitzgerald’s blog yet? He has more photos of the memorable occasion!

Continuity | Corrosion is as Corrosion Does, PS Issue 510

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How Official Is PS?

Q: How official is PS?

A: Some units misunderstand this statement on the PS table of contents page: “Application of the information is optional with the user.”  They think because what they see in PS is “optional,” they can ignore it.

     That’s a mistake!  Preventive Maintenance information gets into PS only after a difficult journey through commodity commands where the information has been reviewed by the equipment experts.  If they don’t approve an article’s information, the article doesn’t make it in the magazine.

     So everything you read in PS has been blessed by the command who manages that piece of equipment.  The information in PS is “official” in the sense that it is officially approved.   PS articles often correct or clear up information in TMs, ARs, or FMs.  The information appears first in PS because PS can usually get it to the field faster.

     You shouldn’t wait until the info makes it into the “official” publication, before you act upon it.  That may be too late.

     The option not to follow the instructions in PS lies with your commander.  Unless he or she says otherwise, use the info.  Your equipment will appreciate it.

Army’s Significant Birthday Party for PS | via The Best of PS 1951-2011

Paul Fitzgerald has another blog post up about our sixty years of service, and this time, he wants his readers to meet the staff. He recounts his years as the first mangaging editor of PS, and compares that to sitting in our “dummy meeting,” along with Joe Kubert, during his visit.

From left: Paul Fitzgerald (Eryn Patton, our summer intern, standing in the back) and Joe Kubert, the lead artist for PS Magazine.

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