M88A1…Keep Final Drive Sprockets On Track

Mechanics, the final drive hub sprocket’s threaded bolt holes on your M88A1 can strip or even break if you don’t do PM. That could leave your vehicle with a wobbly final drive sprocket.

Here’s how to keep those bolt holes in good shape and your final drive sprocket on track:

  • During semi-annual PMCS, inspect the final drive hub bolts. Re-torque loose bolts, NSN 5306-00-799-7722, to 225-250 lb-ft. Locking nuts, NSN 5310-00-225-6408 should be torqued to 70-90 lb-ft.
  • Only use those locking nuts once. If they’re loose or have to be removed, replace ‘em.
  • Always use a dab of GAA on the final drive hub sprocket bolts and locking nuts during installation.

New Guidance for Shipping Lithium Batteries By Air

Effective April 1st, 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization made changes to the technical instructions for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air. The changes were adopted by the International Air Transport Association, impacting all DOD shippers. This update affects the air shipment of lithium ion cells or batteries UN 3480. Get revised guidance and shipping instructions at:


Questions? Contact your HAZMAT POC or the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command’s Safety Office at (618) 220-5040/5041 or email: