R-134A Refrigerant NSNs

Need a cylinder of R-134A refrigerant for an environmental control unit or your truck’s A/C? Order from these NSNs:


(in lbs)

Application NSN 6830- Note
30 Non-automotive 01-390-9622


Disposable cylinder
30 Automotive 01-412-6362


Disposable cylinder
43 General 01-370-6207


Refillable cylinder with dual port/dual control valve


*CENTCOM use only.


June PS Has Arrived! Issue 739 is Online!

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

June has arrived

And the new PS has too!


Well, the poetry ain’t great, but the June issue of PS is.

Here’s the front cover.

You can find the entire issue on line here:



Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader . . .Get the Right Size Forklift Pallet

If you need a forklift pallet for your Bobcat model 763 and S150 compact skid-steer loader, don’t order NSN 3940-01-505-8134 (PN 6713658)!

That gets a large pallet that’s way too big for the Bobcat. The Bobcat has a medium-sized frame, so you’ll need to get the standard pallet that comes with NSN 3930-01-472-3028 (PN 6712927).

Make a note of the new NSN and part number until they are added to TM 5-3800-206-13&P (Jun 04).

HMEE Type 1 Wheel and Tire Assembly

The wheel and tire assembly, NSN 2530-01-598-4010 (tan rim) and NSN 2530-01-618-8466 (green rim), for the HMEE Type 1 is in high demand, but has a long lead-time.

Even though the assembly is repairable, the number of returns has been lower than expected. A repair program is being started to help reduce the lead time and better stock the assembly.

So if you have any unserviceable assemblies, get them turned in through the supply system as soon as you’ve received a replacement.

The tire and wheel assemblies are on the Automatic Return Item List (ARIL) and should be shipped to Red River Army Depot (RIC BR4). Assignment of an unserviceable credit value for turn-in is still pending.

Logistics Management . . .GCSS-Army: Data Cleanup Is Job #1

Is your supply support activity (SSA) already using Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army)? If so, a lot more data has to be processed in near-real time to get you the property, parts and supplies you need to keep your organization mission-ready.

That data also needs to be clean. So whether your SSA is about to transition to GCSS-Army or if it’s already up and running in the new enterprise, it’s important to focus on data cleanup now.

Good data starts with you, the logistics information system (LIS) users and managers. Focusing on data cleanup can help lighten the load on the entire enterprise and reduce processing errors. This means doing daily tasks like cleaning PBUSE, SAMS-E or ULLS-AE output queues. You should also do regular reconciliations with your supporting SSA.

Want to know if you’re on the right track? There’s a way to check. You can download data discrepancy reports from AKO, find your DODAAC and take actions to purge any invalid data before transmitting it to GCSS-Army.



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