CAISI: Get ’Em While You Can!

      Heads up, units! The Combat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface (CAISI), Line Item Numbers (LINs) P99881 and A40443, are shifting to sustainment.

    LIN P99881 is the CAISI Combo, NSN 5820-01-564-4845. LIN A40443 is the CAISI System Support Representative (SSR) accessory kit, NSN 5999-01-566-3094.

This means CAISI sustainment support is moving from Product Director (PD) CAISI to CECOM. After August 30th, 2014, PD CAISI will no longer offer these systems. This also means if you have a shortage of CAISI systems or component parts after that date, you’ll need to requisition the systems or buy parts with unit funds.

Currently, there is a no-cost option for replacement of LIN P99881. This option includes taking parts from on-hand P99881s to fill enduring system component shortages, and executing a Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL) through your appointing authority to satisfy accountability requirements. In other words, you’ll drop systems with shortages from property book accountability.

Also, the radio component and ZYTEL switch component of LIN P99881 require positive control. If serviceable, these can be kept by the Sustainment Automation Support Management Offices (SASMOs) as spares/floats, or turned over to AMC Forward Repair Activities (FRAs), Guard FRAs or the Army Reserve Tactical Computer Exchange.

Units that have unserviceable P99881s or A40443s should take the following steps:

Remove the serviceable components and use them to fill shortages in enduring sets. Then turn in the remaining unserviceable components to DLA Disposition Services. If turning in radio components or Zytel switches, they must first be demilled (crushed, torn or mutilated).

If taking parts from a system results in a LIN shortage, look for local excess to fill the shortage, to include theater-provided equipment (TPE) if deployed.

If you are still short on CAISI, submit an email requisition for a free replacement. (Reminder: Email requests for free CAISI issue from PD CAISI lasts only until August 30th, 2014.)

Include the following information in your request:

  • Your unit identification code (UIC)
  • Your Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC)
  • A point of contact with phone number, shipping address and email (usually your unit’s property book officer [PBO])

Depending on your Army command, send your email requisition request to the following POCs:

Active Army:

National Guard:

Army Reserve:

Questions? Contact Mr. Harlan S. Cashdollar at DSN 224-9339, (703) 614-9339, or email:


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