3 Tips for Getting PS Back Issues

We get lots of requests for PS back issues. That’s great! But we also get returns from the post office after filling back issue requests. That’s not so great and it’s costly, too.

Here are some tips to help make sure those back issues reach you:

Give us a good mailing address. Most returns are due to incomplete or inaccurate mailing addresses. Including a street with the address is critical. If you have any problems with mail reaching you at your military address, use your home address instead. No worries—our mailing list is never sold or shared.

We’ve gotten “refused” returns, too. Make sure that you tell whoever usually gets the mail at your unit that you’re expecting a package from PS. In your original request, specify the months or years and how many copies of each PS issue you want. Send your back issue request to:

usarmy.redstone.logsa.mbx. psmag@mail.mil

You can also request back issues by clicking on the REQUEST BACK ISSUE button at our website:   Just scroll down to the bottom of the tan-colored column.     To set up a monthly subscription to PS, follow the instructions at:

https://www.logsa.army.mil/psmag/ps-subscription.cfmYou can always download PS in digital form from our website, too.https://www.logsa.army.mil/psmag/pshome.cfm

PS Mobile App

You can also load recent issues of the magazine to your mobile device by using the PS Magazine mobile app. Read about it at:


PS supports the concept that you meet inspection requirements of having three years of PS Magazine on hand if you have them in either print or on your mobile device. Access means accessibility, not print vs mobile format.


Who Says? PS SAYS!

From aircraft to tanks, uniforms to HAZMAT, yes, even bandage to aid stations–name the subject and you’ll find PS Magazine there, using plain language and a unique format to explain a procedure or policy.

PS is the postscript with the information that keeps you going until the TM, FM, regulation, pamphlet or other publication catches up.

PS Magazine has been around since 1951.  Its job is to interpret official maintenance and supply policies and procedures in a way that increases the effectiveness of unit-level maintenance and supply.

PS must get approval from the technical experts before an article is printed. So, it can be used to order the NSNs it recommends, to follow the procedures it outlines or to fabricate a tool from plans it gives.

Next time you see a copy of PS, remember: It is your commander’s authority for maintenance and supply actions until the TM or other publications catch up.

How to Order PS & Other Army Publications

Read this article to see how to order our printed issues. This article is in this book, which we also put in PDF format online. Click on the photos to follow a link to our website and the online PDF view!

Looking for something else? Our website has several options for searching. Click here to view older issues or here to have Online Warrior help you search for specific topics, such as HMMWVs!

Wait, wait, wait…why is it called “PS” instead of “PM”?

Q: It’s PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly, right?  So, you ask, why is it PS, not PM? 

A: Good Great question. PS stands for postscript, like the P.S. you add to a letter.

     It’s an “Oh, by the way” piece of info.  Maybe it’s an addition to a technical manual, something that’s changed or needs to be changed, but the TM folks haven’t gotten around to it, yet.  Maybe it’s a tip on how to improve a tool.  Maybe it’s a shortcut to solve a problem more efficiently.  Maybe it’s just that added extra bit of information that fills in the gap and makes your job a little easier.

     Most of the info in PS comes from you, our readers.  It’s the passing on of ways you have found to make things work better, easier, faster, cheaper.  You tell us, we check it out, and pass it on.

     A lot of things have changed in the 60 years we’ve been publishing PS.  The one constant is our mission–to help you maintain and use your equipment.  Keeping you up-to-date is why we’re here, no matter what you call us.

Half-Mast’s Pictures of PS Magazine’s 60th Anniversary Celebration

Joe Kubert has been the artist drawing PS Magazine for ten years. He came to Huntsville, AL to meet the staff and to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the military magazine on equipment maintenance.

From left: Paul Fitzgerald, Joe Kubert, LT GEN Dennis L. Via, COL Robert "Pat" Sullivan

Joe Kubert greets the first managing editor of PS Magazine, Paul Fitzgerald, in company of LT GEN Via and COL Sullivan

First managing editor, Paul Fitzgerald, reminisces about time on board

Joe Kubert greets guests attending celebration with stories of his career with PS Magazine and with colleague Will Eisner

LT GEN Dennis Via congratulating staff of PS for their accomplishments and contribution to the military and preventive maintenance

From left: SGT MAJ Tim Shelton, GEN Dennis Via, acting editor Jonathan Pierce, and COL Robert Sullivan preparing to slice the cake


Have you viewed Paul Fitzgerald’s blog yet? He has more photos of the memorable occasion!

How Official Is PS?

Q: How official is PS?

A: Some units misunderstand this statement on the PS table of contents page: “Application of the information is optional with the user.”  They think because what they see in PS is “optional,” they can ignore it.

     That’s a mistake!  Preventive Maintenance information gets into PS only after a difficult journey through commodity commands where the information has been reviewed by the equipment experts.  If they don’t approve an article’s information, the article doesn’t make it in the magazine.

     So everything you read in PS has been blessed by the command who manages that piece of equipment.  The information in PS is “official” in the sense that it is officially approved.   PS articles often correct or clear up information in TMs, ARs, or FMs.  The information appears first in PS because PS can usually get it to the field faster.

     You shouldn’t wait until the info makes it into the “official” publication, before you act upon it.  That may be too late.

     The option not to follow the instructions in PS lies with your commander.  Unless he or she says otherwise, use the info.  Your equipment will appreciate it.

Army’s Significant Birthday Party for PS | via The Best of PS 1951-2011

Paul Fitzgerald has another blog post up about our sixty years of service, and this time, he wants his readers to meet the staff. He recounts his years as the first mangaging editor of PS, and compares that to sitting in our “dummy meeting,” along with Joe Kubert, during his visit.

From left: Paul Fitzgerald (Eryn Patton, our summer intern, standing in the back) and Joe Kubert, the lead artist for PS Magazine.

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