CAISI 2.0 Shifts to Sustainment

The Combat Service Support (CSS) Automated Information Systems Interface (CAISI) 2.0, LINs A40443 and P99881, transitioned to hardware sustainment on October 1, 2014.

On the same date, the following hardware items transitioned for sustainment to the Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC):

  • OL-701A/TYQ CAISI bridge module (CBM), NSN 5820-01-564-4845
  • MK-2975/TYQ system support representative (SSR) accessory kit, NSN 5999-01-566-3094
  • AB-1244/GRC-1 antenna mast kit, NSN 5985-01-616-6192.

This change also means that CAISI components are no longer available from the Product Director, Defense Wide Transmission Systems (PD DWTS). However, PD DWTS is still responsible for security accreditation and configuration management of the system.

Units, this also means you can now order replacement CAISI components through the Army supply system. Turn in unserviceable equipment through normal supply channels.

If your unit needs a complete CAISI system, first check to see if transfer of excess is available from other units or from an inactivating unit. If not, submit a requisition using the system NSN. OL-701A/TYQ, NSN 5820-01-564-4845, is the standalone system.

Note that NSNs for the OL-701A/TYQ and MK-2975A/TYQ are CECOM-managed (B16), except for the antenna mast cases. The antenna mast case NSNs are managed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

The SSR accessory kit consists of two cases. The black CBM transit case (Case 1) serves as a supply of backup spares; the SSR accessory case (Case 2) contains all the components needed to configure, set up and test the system in the field.

There is no NSN for the individual SSR accessory case. There are two options for getting it:

  • Submit a requisition through the Army supply system for the empty black case, NSN 5895-01-625-1982, and the individual subcomponents; or
  • Submit a requisition request for a complete SSR kit, NSN 5999-01-566-3094.

To requisition individual CAISI items, use the CAISI hardware component description tables below:

CAISI Bridge Module Kit
Item Description NSN PN
1 CAISI bridge module (CBM) processor group signal data (CAISI 2.0) OL-701A/TYQ is comprised of: One (1) CBM green transit case (see list of subcomponents below), and one (1) antenna mast case (see antenna mast table for list of subcomponents). 5820-01-564-4845 25627-08-001
CBM transit case (green) is comprised of:
2 Olive drab (OD) green transit case, empty 5895-01-623-9736 25779-00-001
3 Antenna, (OD series) Omni antenna, 2.4-2.5 GHz 9 dBi 5985-01-623-9625 25553-08-001
4 Antenna, 5-6 GHz, 9 dBi Omni antenna 5985-01-624-0481 25551-08-001
5 Antenna, dual band 2.4-5.8 GHz antenna (N-Male) 5985-01-624-0625 25712-08-001
6 Processor, bridge (CBM radio ES520) with mounting bracket 5895-01-624-3728




7 Power supply, (power over Ethernet [PoE]) injector assembly 6130-01-624-7200 25710-08-001
8 Interface unit, data transfer (Zyxel switch) 7025-01-623-9379 25549-08-001
9 Cable assembly, special purpose, electrical Ethernet cable, 70 ft with reel 5995-01-623-9746 25555-08-001
10 Cable assembly, special purpose, electrical Ethernet cable, 3 ft 5995-01-623-9731 25556-08-001
11 Parts kit, electronic equipment (3-ft and 30-ft grounding straps) 5999-01-623-9721 25542-08-001
12 Hardware kit, mechanical equipment 5340-01-623-9913 25635-08-001
13 Antenna, grid antenna 5.47-5.85 GHz, 26 dBi 5985-01-623-9631 25552-08-001
14 Cable assembly, radio frequency (3 ft) 5995-01-623-9898 25554-08-001
15 Cable assembly, special purpose, electrical (RS-232                                                                                             adapter with 3-ft Ethernet cable) 5995-01-625-0099 02941-RJ45/DB9
16 Antenna mast, AB-1244/GRC-1 (refer to antenna mast table for specific components) 5985-01-616-6192 AB-1244/GRC-1
Antenna Mast, AB-1244A GRC-1
Item Description NSN PN
Antenna mast, AB-1244/GRC-1 5985-01-616-6192 AB-1244/GRC-1
Comprised of:
1 Carrying case 5985-01-072-4339 SM-D-944752
2 Lower mast sections 5985-01-324-3462 A3159892
3 Upper mast adapter section (red ring) 5985-01-326-5533 A3159902
4 Guy rope (red clips), 42-ft 4010-01-072-4414 SM-D-659410-GP1
5 Sledge hammer, 2.5 pounds 5120-00-203-4656 HM1
6 Strain relief clamp 5975-00-563-0229 PF-211G
7 Base plate pins 4030-01-072-8017 SC-B-729924
8 Guy ring (blue) 4030-01-074-7881 SM-B-659290-1
8 Guy ring (red) 4030-01-072-8126 SM-B-659290-2
9 Base plate 5985-01-127-2133 A3002872
10 Mast base assembly 5985-01-324-3464 A3159890
11 Guy stakes 4030-01-073-6103 SM-C-659375
12 Guy rope (blue clips), 36-ft 4010-01-072-4415 SM-D-659410-GP2
13 Lower mast adapter section (blue ring) 5985-01-327-1448 A3159895
14 Upper mast sections 5985-01-324-3463 A3159899
15 Mast section, 30-ft (combines item numbers 2, 3, 13 and 14) 5985-01-324-3461 A3159889
16 Reel unit for guy ropes 8130-01-355-7616 SC-D-1064
17 Power supply (UPS) 4 outlets (replaces 6 outlet UPS) 6130-01-623-9753 25558-08-001


Accessory Kit, Electronics Equipment (SSR Kit)
Item Description NSN PN
Accessory kit, electronic equipment, SSR accessory kit is comprised of: 1 CBM black transit case (See above CBM table for list of subcomponents), 1 SSR accessory case (subcomponents listed below), and 1 antenna mast case (see antenna mast table for list of subcomponents). 5999-01-566-3094 MK-2975A/TYQ
Black CBM transit case (complete) consists of the same subcomponents as listed above for the CBM transit case on the CBM kit table, with the exception of the CBM transit case (green)
Black CBM transit case, empty (replaces NSN 5895-01-623-9736, green CBM transit case, empty) 5895-01-623-9751 25779-00-002
SSR accessory case is comprised of:
1 Case, electronic communications equipment (empty, black SSR accessory case) 5895-01-625-1982 08508-100-DSI
2 Black transit case (for CBM kit) 5895-01-623-9751 25779-00-002
3 Computer system, digital (notebook computer), includes case, CAISI baseline DVD and power cord/supply) 7010-01-625-2886 DELL-E6410
4 Cable assembly, special purpose, 14-ft electrical Ethernet cable 5995-01-625-1989 14FT-CAT5ERJ45
5 USB-serial converter cable 5995-01-625-2822 U209000R-B16
6 Processor, gateway (security gateway 5GT or SSG5 router), includes power supply 7025-01-625-1997 SSG5
7 Cable assembly, special purpose, electrical (serial cable, 9 pin M-F) 5995-01-625-1995 25201DB9
8 Cable assembly, special purpose, electrical, (RS-232                                                                                          adapter with 3-ft Ethernet cable) 5995-01-625-0099 02941-RJ45/DB9
9 Cable assembly, special purpose, 6-ft electrical Ethernet cable 5995-01-625-1999 6FT-CAT5ERJ45
10 Cable assembly, special purpose, 3-ft electrical Ethernet cable 5995-01-623-9731 25556-08-001
11 Modem, communications, digital subscriber line (DSL) bridge includes power supply* 5895-01-625-1976 MM-300SBP
12 CAISI bridge module (CBM) processor group signal data (CAISI 2.0) OL-701A/TYQ (refer to CBM table for specific components) 5820-01-564-4845 25627-08-001
13 Antenna mast, AB-1244/GRC-1 (refer to antenna mast table for list of sub components) 5985-01-616-6192 AB-1244/GRC-1
*There are two DSL modem modules, MM-300SBP and MM-300SBP-G2, for the CAISI 2.0 system. The two models are not compatible with each other. If only one of the older models (MM-300SBP, tan) requires replacement, then two of the newer DSLs modems (MM-300SBP-G2, black) are issued in its place.


You can get more info on CAISI operation, maintenance and repair parts, and special tools in TM 11-5895-1897-13 and TM 11-5895-1897-23P. Get the TMs from the PD DWTS website at:

Click on the CAISI link, then go to INFO CENTER in the left-hand column and click on DOCUMENTS. Hot links to the two manuals are under the Training Documentation header.

For hardware questions, contact CECOM Item Manager Rhonda Hazelton at (443) 395-1192 or email:

For CAISI questions other than requisitioning components or systems, email Patrick Barnette at:

Antenna Mast Kit Case CBM transit case outside SSR kit case outside SSR case inside SSR kit cases DSL bridges CBM transit case inside



ESAVs Aim to Prevent Explosives Incidents

When it comes to safety, knowledge is the key to preventing accidents.

That’s why free Explosives Safety Assistance Visits (ESAVs) are offered to Army commands, installations or activities by the Defense Ammunition Center (DAC)/US Army Technical Center for Explosives Safety (USATCES).

An experienced ESAV team of subject matter experts from DAC/USATCES travels to sites to evaluate and ensure that local explosives safety procedures comply with AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program (Nov 13). Some areas that ESAV teams can assist with include:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Explosives safety site planning
  • Ammunition and explosives operations
  • Explosives safety management programs
  • Electrical explosives safety
  • Fire prevention, protection and suppression
  • Risk management

For more info or to schedule an ESAV, contact Jeffrey Stretton at DSN 956-8089, (918) 420-8089, or email:

New Dawn

Stryker FOV…Don’t Neglect Coolant Hoses

Mechanics, inspect the coolant supply hose, NSN 4720-01-459-8689, for the personnel and engine coolant circulating heater (PECCH) in all of your unit’s Strykers right away.

Normal wear, excessive heat and acidic build up in the coolant can cause the hose to rupture. If that happens, anyone sitting at the commander’s station could be burned with hot coolant. Also, loss of coolant can cause the engine to overheat.

After the initial inspection, check the hose every six months for signs of leaking or damage and replace it if necessary. At a minimum, replace the hose every 12 months. The semi-annual inspection is being added to each Stryker’s -13&P IETM. That’s also where you’ll find the procedures for replacing the hose.

TACOM ground precautionary action message 14-021 has hotlinks to the updated PMCS tables. You’ll find the message on the TACOM-Unique Logistics Support Applications (TULSA) website at:

You’ll need your CAC and first-time users must first request access.

Questions? Contact TACOM’s Richard Morgan at DSN 786-6710, (586) 532-6710 or email:

    Note: This hose is a known Readiness Driver.