The September Issue of PS is Online!

Yep, that’s me and the one and only Beetle Bailey bellying up to the bar!  Read the entire issue by looking to the column on the right:  PS Magazine Links and clicking on Read PS Magazine Online!


Download PS Easier with Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0

In the last year or so, the size of complete electronic issues of PS has gotten steadily larger, sometimes reaching nearly 20MB. That can make downloading an issue a bit more difficult. Starting with PS 706 (Sep 11), the size of those issues will be reduced to 10MB or less. The catch? In the past, you had to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0® or higher to view PS online. With the change, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0® or higher. It’s a small tradeoff that we hope will make downloading and enjoying the current issue of PS more enjoyable than ever!

Hot Topic | Having Trouble Viewing PS Online?

We posted a Hot Topic 6/21/11 with step-by-step instructions for viewing PS.

Continuity | Nothing More Important Than, PS Issue 525


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Wait, wait, wait…why is it called “PS” instead of “PM”?

Q: It’s PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly, right?  So, you ask, why is it PS, not PM? 

A: Good Great question. PS stands for postscript, like the P.S. you add to a letter.

     It’s an “Oh, by the way” piece of info.  Maybe it’s an addition to a technical manual, something that’s changed or needs to be changed, but the TM folks haven’t gotten around to it, yet.  Maybe it’s a tip on how to improve a tool.  Maybe it’s a shortcut to solve a problem more efficiently.  Maybe it’s just that added extra bit of information that fills in the gap and makes your job a little easier.

     Most of the info in PS comes from you, our readers.  It’s the passing on of ways you have found to make things work better, easier, faster, cheaper.  You tell us, we check it out, and pass it on.

     A lot of things have changed in the 60 years we’ve been publishing PS.  The one constant is our mission–to help you maintain and use your equipment.  Keeping you up-to-date is why we’re here, no matter what you call us.