January PS Magazine is Out! Issue 734



How to Order PS

Unit pub clerks, once you’ve set up a pubs account with DOL or AEPUBS, you can submit a specific request for PS.

Enter the desired quantity of PS Magazine when you order. We recommend a copy for each of the following in a company-size unit:
the commander, first sergeant, XO, motor sergeant, each vehicle mechanic, supply sergeant, armorer, CBRN NCO, communications NCO, and extra copies as approved by the commanding officer, for distributing in common areas for equipment operators.

To find out how to order PS for other military services or how to get a private subscription, visit:


When ordering any pubs, check to be sure that your unit’s mailing address is correct. If the address is wrong, you need to complete Section III on DA Form 12-R.

Send the DA Form 12-R as an attachment to one of the following email addresses.


Need help with any of the above? Contact: Stuart Henderson, stuart.a.henderson2.civ@mail.mil