Supply Support Changes for WIN-T Inc 1

Take note, units! Product Manager Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) Increment (Inc) 1 is changing the supply support instructions for the following items:

Item LIN
Regional hub node (RHN) and antenna S51708
Tactical hub node (THN) C18291
Unit hub satellite truck (UHST) S05002
Joint network node (JNN) J05001
Satellite transportable terminal (STT), v1 S05011
Battalion command post node (CPN) B67234
STT, v2 S05012
Single shelter switch (SSS) C20617
Network operations (NetOps) C05045








 Transition from ICS to SARSS

   The decade-long interim contractor support (ICS) for the WIN-T Inc 1 satellite communication (SATCOM) systems (RHNs, UHSTs, STTs) by General Dynamics (GD) will end on or about July 31, 2015. All GD regional support centers (RSCs) will stop support then.

From May to July 2015, SATCOM spare parts will ship in monthly batches from all GD RSCs to the Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM). During this transition period, contact your GD RSC first to see if needed parts are still on-hand. If not, order parts from CECOM or the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

CECOM: SATCOM Reparable Parts

Starting August 1, 2015, supply support for satellite communications (SATCOM) reparable parts, such as modems, high power amplifiers and azimuth/elevation motors for the RHNs, UHSTs and STTs, will be managed by CECOM.

Order spare SATCOM parts by NSN via Army Working Capital Fund (AWCF) requisitions in SARSS. Unserviceable turn-ins eligible for AWCF price credit will be adjusted in SARSS.

Common Hardware Systems (CHS)

All GD CHS RSCs remain open to service both in and out-of-warranty (OOW) WIN-T Inc 1 CHS components such as laptops, servers and routers. CHS components are fielded with 5-year warranties and are refreshed/refielded by Inc 1 every 5-6 years.

WIN-T Inc 1 will pay for the repair of any OOW CHS components except other than fair wear and tear. Visit any GD CHS RSC, call (877) 247-7711, or request repair maintenance authorization (RMA) instructions by emailing:

DLA: Consumable Parts

Effective August 1, 2015, supply support for all WIN-T Inc 1 consumable parts will be managed by DLA. Examples of DLA-managed consumables include filters, O-rings and cables.

Order Inc 1 consumable parts by NSN via ACWF requisitions in SARSS. DLA stocks consumable parts based on demand history, so over time more requisitions equal more stock. For ordering help, contact DLA Customer Service at DSN 661-7766, (877) 352-2255, or email:

For more info, including the latest TMs, a list of CECOM-managed SATCOM reparable NSNs, CHS in and OOW procedures, and templates for 1b and 1 component hand receipts and spares lists and POCs, visit the WIN-T Inc 1 page on AKO at:



Test Sets…DSESTS Turn-Ins Needed ASAP!

Units are supposed to turn in their direct support electrical system test sets (DSESTS) when their mission ends or is transferred to another unit. But turn-ins don’t always happen. That means the next unit given that mission can’t do any DSESTS testing.

DSESTS was fielded to perform off-vehicle testing of line replaceable units (LRUs) and shop replaceable units (SRUs) from Bradleys and M1-series tanks. New DSESTS aren’t being made, so turn-in is vital. This will also replenish and increase the number of DSESTS in the supply system.

A complete DSESTS comes in about 40 cases, along with additional equipment and fixtures. It consists of:

  • DSESTS, NSN 6625-01-120-0764, LIN T52849
  • General purpose interface assembly (GPIA), NSN 5998-01-382-7282
  • Operator interface unit (OIU), NSN 6625-01-225-8342
  • DSESTS common resource (DCR), NSN 6625-01-443-2478, which includes the common function modules (CFMs), and combined support functions module (CSFM) system, NSN 6625-01-559-2662 or NSN 6625-01-569-3614
  • M1 tank electronic support system, NSN 5598-01-392-2172
  • Bradley A2 ODS legacy electrical test set, NSN 6625-01-234-8164
  • M1 thermal imaging system (TIS) test set, NSN 4931-01-263-7972 (LIN T92250)
  • M1A2 SEP electronic test set, NSN 6625-01-376-0470 (LIN T17404)
  • Bradley TOW system test set, NSN 6625-01-442-7490 (FG 2578)
  • Bradley A3 test set, NSN 6625-01-453-7394 (FG 256V)
  • Common forward looking infrared radar (FLIR) TIS test set, NSN 6625-01-443-8390 (FG 2529)
  • Wolverine test set, NSN 6625-01-474-5713
  • Maintenance support device (MSD), (LIN T92889)
  • DSESTS external power supply
  • All test fixtures and holding fixtures

If you have any of this equipment, do the self-tests described in the 9-4931-586-series TMs to see if the equipment is serviceable.

Any DSESTS equipment that is not listed on your unit’s property book or is no longer required should be turned in to the supply system through your property book officer. It will be submitted through the Automated Excess Return Process using a document identifier code of FTE. This applies to serviceable as well as unserviceable equipment.

As excess DSESTS equipment is turned in, TACOM can repair or reissue it to the units in need.

Questions? Contact one of the following TACOM POCs:

Kevin Craft, DSESTS Weapon System Manager, DSN 786-8009, (586) 282-8009 or email:

Wayne Davidson, DSESTS Team Leader, DSN 786-7431, (586) 282-7431 or email:

Mario Nieto, DSESTS Team Supervisor, DSN 786-1097, (586) 282-1097 or email:

Find DLA Tire Catalog in EMALL

Looking for tires, inner tubes, flaps, valves, rims, wheel assemblies or other tire accessories for your equipment?

You’re in luck. The Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Land and Maritime comprehensive tire catalog is included in DOD’s EMALL for handy one-stop shopping.

Access DOD EMALL at:

If it’s your first visit, select the Login/Registration link at the upper right corner of the page. You’ll need a CAC to register.

ASV Team Needs Your Help

The Armored Security Vehicle sustainment team needs your help. They’re checking on what MWOs have been applied to each M1117 armored security vehicle (ASV) so the Modification Management Information System (MMIS) database can be brought up to date.

The ASV team asks that you physically check for each MWO application, not just the MWO tag, and update the MMIS database. You’ll find MMIS on the LOGSA LIW website:

Here is a list of all ASV MWOs, along with artwork showing each application for quick recognition. Questions? Contact TACOM’s Kevin Fritz at DSN 786-8873, (586) 282-8873 or by email:

9-2320-307-23-1 VSRC ASV126 ASV2723 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-55-1 AFES ASV109 ASV2464 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-13 Master Battery Disconnect ASV132 ASV2880 ALL
9-2320-307-50-13 Upper Rear Door Torsion Bar ASV111 ASV2464 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-18 Seatbelt Retrofit ASV101 ASV1603 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-15 Emergency Crew Extraction ASV093 ASV2464 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-17 Trans Switch Interlock Ground ASV087 ASV1272 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-40-1 Side Door Torsion Bar Cover ASV105R1 ASV1898 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-16 Hydraulic Seat Improvement ASV066 ASV1048 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-6-9 Skid Plate ASV134 ASV2543
9-2320-307-23-10 AC panel ASV124 ASV1948

MWO 9-2320-307-23-1 -Variable Slew Rate Controller (VSRC). This can be recognized by the joystick controller used to traverse the turret.


MWO 9-2320-307-55-1 – Crew AFES. This is recognized by finding the manual discharge and fire bottles installed on the front left wheel well of the driver’s side of the vehicle.


MWO 9-2320-307-23-1 – Master Battery Disconnect Switch. This is recognized by a switch installed on the front of the battery box. The battery box is on the right when entering the driver’s side door.


MWO 9-2320-307-50-13 – Upper Rear Door Torsion Bar. You’ll find this by lifting the rear upper door to the tunnel compartment. If there is an assist device, the MWO has been installed.


MWO 9-2320-307-23-18 – Seatbelt Retrofit. This can be identified by the location of the seatbelt tensioners. New tensioners are mounted at the bottom of the seat as opposed to the top. Also, the new seatbelt manufacturer is Indiana Mills. Seatbelts manufactured by AM-Safe are no longer authorized.

Indian Mills

A properly outfitted seatbelt configuration:


MWO 9-2320-307-23-15 – Emergency Crew Extraction. This can be recognized by the sliding bar between the gun port and the handle on the upper side doors. Also, the extraction tool will be mounted on the underside of the winch hatch.


MWO 9-2320-307-23-17 – Transmission Switch Interlock Ground, (Can be identified by the installation of the proximity switch located on the parking brake pedal support bracket, item 11).


MWO 9-2320-307-40-1 – Side Door Torsion Bar Cover. This can be identified by checking for an angled flange on the torsion bar cover where the cover meets the hull below the side door opening.

New Cover

new cover

Old Cover

old cover

MWO 9-2320-307-23-16 – Hydraulic Seat Improvement. This is easily identified by the type of seat controller used.

Old Seat Controller

Old seat control

New Seat Controller

new seat cont

MWO 9-2320-307-23-6-9 – Skid Plate Modification. This can be identified by visual inspection of the skid plate.

           Old Skid Plate Configuration


New Skid Plate Configuration


MWO 9-2320-307-23-10 – Rear A/C Panel Modification. Remove the one securing screw to the rear A/C unit and swing it open. Look at the three screws marked as Item #4 below. If they are flat head rather than hex head (as in Item #1), the modification has been completed.


Memorial Day

Has there been a speech more memorized and memorialized than the Gettysburg Address? Delivered by President Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 19, 1863 while standing “on a great battlefield of that (Civil) war,” Lincoln’s hallowed words will last as long as our Nation is free. One line from that speech sums up Memorial Day for me: “…–that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion–…” On Memorial Day we stop our daily routine and prayerfully, thoughtfully, quietly, honor those who for a “great cause” gave their last full measure of devotion. In our great Country, we allow “we the people” through our elected officials to decide what that “great cause” is. Once the Soldier casts his vote, it is no longer the Soldier’s decision. Every time an American Soldier dies it is for a “great cause.” That cause is freedom. A freedom that is manifested by the will of the people. So we honor as we remember; but also we must take “increased devotion.” Why? To “highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.” We must be devoted and vigilant to the cause of Freedom. For along with honored dead, the graves of the world are full of men and women who were slaughtered under tyranny. It’s trite to say, freedom is not free; but on Memorial Day, a remembrance day, the trite is so very true. MSG Half-Mast

FMTV . . .Leave Two-Way Intercom Alone

Operators and mechanics, the two-way troop intercom system on the FMTV 2 1/2- and 5-ton cargo trucks has gone by the wayside.

That means the intercom’s kits and repair parts are no longer supported by TACOM LCMC. The vehicle’s IETM will be updated to reflect this change.

As long as it’s working, you can continue using the intercom, which is mounted on the inside and outside of the vehicle’s cab. If and when the intercom breaks, just leave it in place.

HEMTTs . . .It’s Prime Time for Fuel System

Mechanics, you should never, ever, use a pressurized air hose to prime the HEMTT’s fuel system.

That adds too much pressure too fast. You can jam the pressure relief valve shut, all while pressure continues to build.

The vehicle’s fuel system is designed for suction from the pump side, not pressure from the tank. Not only will using an air hose cause leaks, but the added pressure can split the seams in the HEMTT’s fuel tank!

If you have a base or A2 HEMTT or an A1 wrecker that needs to be primed, use the priming (hand) pump, NSN 4910-00-402-9623. Make sure you follow the instructions in TM 9-2320-279-14&P (IETM EM 0290, Jun 09) for base HEMTTs and the A1 wrecker and TM 9-2320-325-14&P (IETM EM 0289, May 09) for A2 HEMTTs. You’ll find the info under “Services Upon Receipt for an Engine Out of Fuel.”

A4 HEMTTs have a built-in fuel pump. If your A4 HEMTT loses prime, follow the operator maintenance procedures in TM 9-2320-326-14&P (IETM EM 0288, Oct 08). You’ll find them under the “Priming Fuel System” track.

These instructions are also listed in the operator’s manuals for each of the A4 HEMTT models.