Continuity | The Connie Lama, PS Issue 543


Word-of-Mouth Maintenance

            Do you even do maintenance that you’re not quite sure why it’s required?  Could be you’re not doing maintenance “by-the-book,” but by word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth maintenance is not always bad.  A lot of good info gets passed that way.  But so does a lot of out-of-date info.  And a lot of wrong info, too!

Don’t do maintenance that is not covered in your TM unless the maintenance objective is clear the special circumstances for doing it are well-defined.

Question all maintenance that seems to be word-of-mouth.  Technology is constantly changing equipment, like gas engines to diesel or batteries requiring maintenance to batteries that are maintenance-free, but some of us stubbornly hold on to out dated maintenance techniques.

Understanding why a preventive maintenance task is required is an important motivator for doing that maintenance.  If your TM does not tell you to do a specific preventive maintenance task and your objective is not clear, it could be that word-of-mouth has you doing work no longer needed.