CH-47D/F Shaft Tool Prevents Damage

When you’re done, the tool should look like so when placed over the shaft. This tool saves us time and could prevent damage to the aft sync shaft.
                                                                   SPC Kyle Miller Joint Base Lewis-McCord, WA

Dear Specialist Miller,
Thanks for the great idea. Now you can work on the shaft without damaging it.



PS 716, July 2012 is Out!

PS 716, July 2012, is out and ready to provide you with tons of great maintenance, supply and safety info. You’ll find four pages of important facts about the M160 Light Flail Vehicle.  Six pages of this issue of PS Magazine cover the M16, Mr/M4A1 including magazine reliability and unauthorized modifications! The Shadow also receives a couple pages of PS attention. PS Magazine: Find it! Read it! Use it! HOOAH!

Continuity | The True Story of the Pony Express, PS Issue 569

CH-47/AH-64/HH/UH-60A/L/M Aircraft …Use The Right Aircraft Tire Cage

Filling your cup to the brim with java is a good start to the day. But filling your aircraft tires to the rim without following all the WARNINGS and information in your specific aircraft TM and your unit’s SOP to inflate and service aircraft tires could cost you a limb or your life.

The Black Hawk and the AH-64 aircraft should only use the red tire cage, NSN 4920-01-545-0763, PN SK2000TC-6. This cage is for on-aircraft servicing of the main and tail landing gear tires. Make sure you follow the instructions that come with the cage because it is not in the TMs. This cage is not in your aviation shop sets, so units will have to cough up a whopping $2,776.00 to purchase one.

For the Chinook aircraft, an on-aircraft tire cage is not yet available but is in the works. So follow whatever instructions your TM gives you on servicing tires. If your TM or any of the airframe TMs reference Chapter 5, Special Instructions Peculiar To Army Operations of TM 55-2620-200-24, for servicing tires, keep in mind that the tire cage, NSN 4910–01-459-7080, is only used for tire buildup and cannot be used while the wheel is installed on the aircraft.

Do not use aircraft tire cages for vehicles or ground support equipment tires. Also, do not use vehicle tire cages for aircraft tires. They are not authorized. If you have the DOL UH-60 mobile yellow tire cage with bead breaker in your hangars, it is for tire buildup only with the tires off the aircraft. Check your unit SOP on how to use this cage. There is no TM support for it.

Always follow whatever instructions your TMs have and never take shortcuts with tire inflation or tire cages. That way, your aircraft will not suffer damage and you won’t lose life or limb.

The Man in the Middle

The man in the middle may look short, but he stands tall at PS.  That’s Stuart Henderson, the Production Manager for PS. If you need back issues or want to solve distribution problems, Stuart is the man to contact at:

USAMC LOGSA, Redstone Arsenal, AL

DSN 645-8960 / (256) 955-8960

And who are those slightly taller women standing on either side of Stuart.  The woman on our left is Latrish Jones who works at USAMC LOGSA and played basketball with the Alabama Crimson Tide.  The woman on our right is Latrish’s daughter, Jasmine Jones, who will be playing basketball with the University of Tennessee in the Fall. Roll Tide!  Go Vols!  Read PS!


Name Changes to PM DCGS-A Systems


Program Manager (PM) Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) recently adopted a new naming convention for its intelligence systems. Beginning in July 2012, these systems will have new names in FED LOG, SLAMIS and other Army cataloging databases. To maintain systems accountability, units should update their records to reflect the new names. See the table below for details:




Old Name


New Name




All Source Analysis System: AN/TYQ‑93(V)4



Server, Intelligence Fusion: AN/TYQ‑94





All Source Analysis System: AN/TYQ‑93(V)2



Workstation, Portable Multifunction: AN/TYQ‑93





Analysis and Control Element (ACE)


Processing Center, Intelligence Version 1: AN/TYQ‑90 (DCGS‑A IPC‑1)




Analysis Control Team CEnclave



Processing Center, Intelligence Version 2: AN/TYQ‑103(DCGS‑A IPC‑2)




Digital Topographic Support SystemC Deployable



Workstation, Geospatial Intelligence: AN/TYQ‑71





Surveillance Intelligence Processing Center



Ground Station, Operational Intelligence: AN/TYQ‑224(DCGS‑A OGS)




Common Ground Station



Ground Station, Tactical Intelligence: AN/TSQ‑179B



Questions? Contact Joe Pickerd at DSN 848-2412, (443) 861-2412, or email:

Keeping Your Guard Up

            “Summertime…and the livin’ is easy.  Fish are jumpin’, and the cotton is high.”

            Lines from an old song that make you think summer is a time for fun, frolic and festivity.  And it can be–after you’ve done your job as a Soldier.

As a Soldier, you’re required to be ready at a moment’s notice to accomplish a mission.  That requirement extends to your equipment, whether you drive it, ride in it, carry it or just use it.

There’s always the temptation to enjoy summer fun (or avoid summer sun) and let some necessary jobs wait for cooler times. But missions have a nasty habit of coming up when we least expect them, regardless of the time of year.

So, if you’re not ready right now, get busy.

Do you preventive maintenance work–and do it safely–every day.  You can’t be ready any other way.