Update MSD’s Brain for Best IETM Results

It’s here! Be sure to download and install the latest version 2.1.8 of the Electronic Maintenance System—Next Generation (EMS NG) Viewer and Autonomous Diagnostics Manager (ADM) on your Maintenance Support Device (MSD). Updating the MSD’s brain helps you get the most out of interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs).

IETMs are mailed with the version of Viewer/ADM that was current when the IETM was published. For example, the HEMTT A4 IETM comes packaged with EMS NG v2.0. The Viewers/ADMs are updated annually to improve performance and maintain information assurance, but IETM updates happen less often.

So if you have trouble reading your IETMs, upgrade your version of EMS to match (or exceed) the software version the IETM was authored in. Each update is backwards-compatible and will work on older IETMs.

You can download the most current EMS NG Viewer/ADM from:


or from AKO at:


    Note to MSD administrators: The EMS NG Viewer and ADM have up-to-date Certificates of Networthiness (CoNs) and are authorized for installation on DOD network-connected computers. The CoNs are included on the software disc. For example, you’ll find the EMS NG Viewer’s CoN in the folder titled “EMS NG/Viewer/Certificates of Networthiness.”

The CoNs ensure software security and are necessary for installing and using the EMS NG viewer and ADM. Be aware that installing these on some Army local area networks may require administrator rights.

If you run into problems or have questions, submit a ticket to the EMS NG help desk at:


    You can also call the help desk at 1-877-445-1780 or email:



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