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M1-Series Tanks… Funnel Away Oil Spills

Mechanics, you’ve probably noticed that the M1-series tank’s transmission filler neck doesn’t have a very big opening. It’s just too small to pour transmission fluid directly from the can.

Some of the fluid is gonna spill, no matter how careful you are. And things don’t get any better after that. The oil cooler fans are gonna blow that oil all over the oil cooler fins.

Dust is attracted to the oil residue. The gooey mess that forms on the cooling fins keeps the heat from radiating away from the oil inside the coolers. That leads to transmission damage.

But something as simple as a funnel can prevent all that. A box of 12 flexible funnels comes with NSN 7240-00-559-7364. Never add oil without using one. And get one of these if your current oil funnel is broken or too large for the transmission filler opening.

Each funnel holds a quart of oil. So don’t pour more than a quart into the funnel at a time. Make sure you wipe up any spilled oil right away.

AAME for Top Maintenance Awards

Put that wrench down, Soldier! Just for a minute. Remind everyone on your team it’s time to prepare your unit’s or depot’s nomination packet for the FY14 Chief of Staff Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME). Packets are due 7 Nov 2014 for field-level entries and 13 Feb 2015 for depot-level entries.

The annual AAME competition recognizes units and depots that excel in maintenance and help improve and sustain combat readiness.

Additional info on the AAME competition and its history can be found at:

To download a complete list of categories and this year’s submission guidelines, choose the “Message (CAC)” tab on the website above.

FY14 AAME winners will be recognized in calendar year 2015. They’ll also be listed here in PS. The top winners will then go on to compete at the DOD level.

Questions? Contact Nelson Williams at DSN 224-0753, (703) 614-0753, or email: