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Issue 712, March 2012 is Out!




Here’s the editorial from our March issue which is about fighting corrosion. We’ve got some big guns fighting this battle!

Homer Hickam is a Fan of PS Magazine

Homer Hickam is a Fan of PS Magazine

Homer Hickam (left) and PS writer Glen Adams. Mr. Hickam is the best selling author of among other books, “Rocket Boys”, which was made into the movie “October Skies.” “Rocket Boys” described his boyhood in the coal mining town of Coalwood, WV, where he and several friends won the national science fair competition for rocket research. Mr. Hickam served with an armor unit in Vietnam, where he became an avid fan of PS Magazine. He worked for years with NASA and now lives in Huntsville, AL, where PS is based.

To Protect and Serve

What is your equipment’s worst enemy?

Good guess.

But we’re betting on dirt.

Dirt kills equipment.  It gets inside, on and around everything and goes about its murderous business. The Amount of dirt you can hold in the palm of your hand can bring a truck to a halt, stop a tank in its tracks and silence a radio signal.

What is your equipment’s best friend?

That’s right.  Filters.

The filter is the cop-on-the-beat that protects you from dirt.

Air filters remove dirt from the air that cools things like engines and electronic equipment.

Fuel filters keep dirt, water and other glop out of delicate engine parts.

Oil filters trap dirt that gets in engine oils and hydraulic fluids.

Who is your filter’s best friend?

You are.

A filter can’t work alone.  It needs a partner. That’s you. Clean them or change them just like your TM says. Know what makes up unusual operating conditions. It could be something as simple as operating in an area with a lot of loose dirt.  It means your filters need more attention.

Filters serve you well by protecting your equipment. Make sure you do your part, so they can do theirs.