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Machine Gun Mounts

FDECU May Have Contaminated Refrigerant

FDECU May Have Contaminated Refrigerant


    Units that have field deployable environmental control units (FDECU), models 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9, NSN 4120-01-449-0459, pay close attention.  Your FDECU could have arefrigerant contaminated with methyl chloride, also known as R-40.  Methyl chloride is flammable and explosive when exposed to the atmosphere or aluminum.  It could damage the FDECU.  What’s worse, it could injure or kill you or others.  For the complete story, get CECOM Safety of Use Message (SOUM) 2012-001.  The message discusses root causes, hazards, inspection, reporting and more.  You’ll find the SOUM at the US Army CECOM Directorate for Safety website:

Take the SMART Route

Do you have a super solution to a pressing Army problem? Your ideas on supply, maintenance, transportation, food service or any other aspect of Army logistics are welcomed and encouraged. 

    The only cost for you is the time it takes to jot down and submit an idea to the Army’s Supply and Maintenance Assessment Review Team (SMART). The SMART team reviews and then assigns your idea to the right agency for evaluation. Approved or even partially approved ideas can earn cash awards.   

General SMART Tips and Guidelines

    The best SMART suggestions often solve everyday problems. They include solutions that fix issues requiring extra man-hours to repair and alternatives to items or components that are expensive and/or impossible to fix.

    You won’t have to look far to find problems that need solving—they’re everywhere. The real issue is that many of us are in the habit of just coping with a recurring problem. But odds are that if one Soldier is having a problem with supply, equipment or maintenance procedures, so are others! Now’s the time to share your solution.

    When you submit your SMART idea, include the following:

  • ·  Problem title (your choice)
  • ·  NSN (end item NSN)
  • ·  End item information (what is the end item?)
  • ·  References (TM, part numbers, etc.)
  • ·  Current procedure (and the problem with it). Please include parts/NSNs, if applicable. 
  • ·  Recommendation (your suggested fix for the problem with the current procedure). Be as specific as possible. Include any cost savings estimates that might be realized with your solution.               
  • ·  You may attach files to your suggestion that contain pictures, sketches, charts, etc., to better illustrate your suggestion. The total file size should not exceed 5 MB.

    Download the SMART handbook online and use it to help prepare your submission. Visit the SMART website to submit your suggestion:


    After you submit your suggestion to SMART, you can:

  • ·  track its status on the website.
  • ·  receive email updates during the SMART evaluation process.
  • ·  resubmit a rejected suggestion within 60 days, if the original evaluation did not take essential information into consideration.

    If you have questions, visit the website or contact the SMART team at DSN 687-0595/0485, (804) 734-0595/(804) 734-0485, or email:


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