IETMs Get Green Light for Download

Good news! You can now download DA-authenticated interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs).

IETMs are computerized, screen-based diagnostic and maintenance versions of TMs. They are used for troubleshooting, isolating faults and identifying equipment maintenance needs.

IETMs are still available on CD-ROMs/DVDs and read-only online. But Army funding shortfalls meant there weren’t enough disks being printed to meet customer demand.

The Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) heard pleas from the field and came up with a cost-effective alternative.

Downloadable IETMs mean faster equipment fixes. But remember:

  • Authorized IETM downloads are only available from LOGSA’s Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW). You must have a valid, current system access request (SAR) and use your CAC whenever you log in to LIW.
  • IETM access and download is based on distribution statement codes. The public can view Distribution Statement A information, but viewing or downloading any IETMs coded other than A is restricted.
  • LOGSA’s goal is to deliver IETMs in the same format as the original CD-ROMs or DVDs. However, IETMs are very large, so to make downloads possible, content is broken down into several zip files (each 500 MB or less). These zips must be recombined by the end user before they work like the original disks.
  • Carefully follow the ‘IETM_Download_Instruction.txt’ file that comes with each downloadable IETM. Instructions vary depending on the IETM’s proponent (for example, AMCOM, CECOM, TACOM, etc.) That’s why it’s important to read the step-by-step instructions every time you download a new IETM.
  • If you download content and make a CD-ROM/DVD, be sure that the date of the IETM is also written on the disk you create. That way when an updated IETM comes out, you’ll be reminded to replace the old disk.

How to Download IETMs

Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Access LIW at:

  1. If you already have an LIW account, choose the yellow “Login with CAC” button. If not, click System Access Request (SAR) at the top right of the screen and follow instructions to get LIW access.
  2. Click the ETM icon. MS-6107-A Fig-1 BlogIf you don’t have it in your portal already, you may need to add it. To select applications, click on the App Warehouse at the bottom of the page. Add the ETM icon and then you can enter by clicking it.
  3. You should see the Electronic Technical Manuals Authorized Access Page. Read the terms, choose I accept and then Enter the Site.MS-6107-A Fig-2 Blog
  4. On the ETM Search screen, enter the number of the IETM you want in the EM Number field. Or you can search by title or other fields.MS-6107-A Fig-3 Blog
  5. On the search results page, click on the green download arrow in the ZIP column.MS-6107-A Fig-4 Blog
  6. Follow the IETM download instructions.MS-6107-A Fig-5 Blog

MS-6107-A Fig-6 Blog

Questions or need tech support?

Contact LOGSA’s tech pubs ETM Customer

Service toll-free at (800) 270-1409, or email: Fig-7 Blog


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