5-, 10-, 15-kW TQG Contactor

    Does your unit have a 5-, 10- or 15-kW tactical quiet generator (TQG)?  If it does, the generator may contain a faulty K1 contactor, NSN 6110-01-367-8921, that’s liable to fail.  Once the contactor fails, there’s no power output to the load terminals—even though the engine and generator still work.

      Identify the Faulty Contactor

    The K1 contactor is located in the TQG’s output box.  Here’s how to identify a bad one:

    o The contactor’s cover is shaped like a “+.”

    o Look for a brown label with AMETEK printed on it.  Ametek, Inc., manufactured the bad K1 contactors. 

    o In the label’s lower right corner is the MFG DATE (date of manufacture).  The first two digits represent the week; the last two digits represent the year.  Look for MFG DATEs from 40/10 through 13/11.  Ametek K1 contactors manufactured during this time have been identified as potentially faulty.

            A Free Contactor

    If you have a bad K1 contactor, here’s how to get a replacement free of charge:

    1. Phone CECOM LCMC’s Nicole Archibald, DSN 648-4757, (443) 395-4757, or email:


    Let her know you have a failed contactor.  Give her the following information:

    o DODAAC

    o unit identification code (UIC)

    o point of contact

    o phone number

    o Transportation Account Code (TAC) funding

    o number of contactors you want shipped to you

    2. CECOM LCMC will notify the West Virginia National Guard (WVNG), who is storing replacement contactors.  WVNG will ship replacement contactors to customers who have defective ones.

    3. Once your unit receives the replacement contactor, you must ship the failed contactor to Ametek.  A prepaid shipping label is included inside the free issue box with the replacement contactor.  You must use the same shipping box to ship the failed contactor.  The return label lists the following ship-to address:

    AMETEK Power Instruments

    Manufacturing Manager—Jesus Torres

    1701 Industrial Blvd

    Hildago, Texas 78557

    Phone: 956-843-4070

    Fax: 956-843-4534

    Cell: 956-605-3017

    4. CECOM LCMC’s LARs in the field will provide a service bulletin containing contactor inspection, removal and installation instructions.


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