M1-Series Tank . . . If Light Goes On, Engine Goes Off

     Drivers, the tank’s ENGINE OIL CLOGGED FILTER warning light is very similar to the check engine light in your POV.

    So just like with your car, if you see the light go on, don’t hesitate.  Shut down now.  Otherwise, the dirt, sand and other gunk that’s in the oil could shut down your tank’s engine–permanently.

    Dirty oil bypasses a clogged filter, carrying dirt into the engine.  The bypass feature is to keep the engine running when you’re on the battlefield.

    But that dirty oil gets into engine parts.  The longer you run with a clogged filter, the more damage grit and dirt cause.

    Mechanics, if the light stays on after changing the filter element, the problem is probably a bad by-pass pressure switch on the engine oil pump assembly.  Replace the switch with NSN 5930-01-089-9142.


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