A Course, of Course

Before you handle HAZMAT, get the proper training from the National Guard Professional Education Center (NGPEC). NGPEC offers a course called HAZMAT Training for Non-Certifying Officials.  It’s available to Active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard.  The course number is 922-LTC-012-000018. 

    The course meets the legal and regulatory HAZMAT training requirements for all military drivers, co-drivers, handlers, inspectors and packers.  It draws its material from several sources:

    o Department of Transportation (DoT)

    o Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    o Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

    o Department of Defense (DoD)

    o US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM)

    o Army regulations

    The course addresses DoT, OSHA and EPA HAZMAT training requirements.  It is free from the GuardU training website:


    The course does not meet the ammunition handler training requirements set forth in Chap 4 of National Guard Regulation 385-64, Army National Guard Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards (Dec 07).


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