Test Sets…DSESTS Turn-Ins Needed ASAP!

Units are supposed to turn in their direct support electrical system test sets (DSESTS) when their mission ends or is transferred to another unit. But turn-ins don’t always happen. That means the next unit given that mission can’t do any DSESTS testing.

DSESTS was fielded to perform off-vehicle testing of line replaceable units (LRUs) and shop replaceable units (SRUs) from Bradleys and M1-series tanks. New DSESTS aren’t being made, so turn-in is vital. This will also replenish and increase the number of DSESTS in the supply system.

A complete DSESTS comes in about 40 cases, along with additional equipment and fixtures. It consists of:

  • DSESTS, NSN 6625-01-120-0764, LIN T52849
  • General purpose interface assembly (GPIA), NSN 5998-01-382-7282
  • Operator interface unit (OIU), NSN 6625-01-225-8342
  • DSESTS common resource (DCR), NSN 6625-01-443-2478, which includes the common function modules (CFMs), and combined support functions module (CSFM) system, NSN 6625-01-559-2662 or NSN 6625-01-569-3614
  • M1 tank electronic support system, NSN 5598-01-392-2172
  • Bradley A2 ODS legacy electrical test set, NSN 6625-01-234-8164
  • M1 thermal imaging system (TIS) test set, NSN 4931-01-263-7972 (LIN T92250)
  • M1A2 SEP electronic test set, NSN 6625-01-376-0470 (LIN T17404)
  • Bradley TOW system test set, NSN 6625-01-442-7490 (FG 2578)
  • Bradley A3 test set, NSN 6625-01-453-7394 (FG 256V)
  • Common forward looking infrared radar (FLIR) TIS test set, NSN 6625-01-443-8390 (FG 2529)
  • Wolverine test set, NSN 6625-01-474-5713
  • Maintenance support device (MSD), (LIN T92889)
  • DSESTS external power supply
  • All test fixtures and holding fixtures

If you have any of this equipment, do the self-tests described in the 9-4931-586-series TMs to see if the equipment is serviceable.

Any DSESTS equipment that is not listed on your unit’s property book or is no longer required should be turned in to the supply system through your property book officer. It will be submitted through the Automated Excess Return Process using a document identifier code of FTE. This applies to serviceable as well as unserviceable equipment.

As excess DSESTS equipment is turned in, TACOM can repair or reissue it to the units in need.

Questions? Contact one of the following TACOM POCs:

Kevin Craft, DSESTS Weapon System Manager, DSN 786-8009, (586) 282-8009 or email:


Wayne Davidson, DSESTS Team Leader, DSN 786-7431, (586) 282-7431 or email:


Mario Nieto, DSESTS Team Supervisor, DSN 786-1097, (586) 282-1097 or email:



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