Tighten Up Loose Starter Bolts

Mechanics, the bolts that mount your FMTV or HIMARS starter to the engine have a bad habit of coming loose. In some cases the starter loosens enough that the end housing on the starter cracks or breaks.


Keep the bolts tight with this two-step process:

  1. Whenever the starter is removed, make sure the starter bolt’s threads are cleaned real good-like.
  2. Put a dab of sealing compound on the bolt’s threads and torque ‘em to 42-52 lb-ft. Get a 50ml bottle of sealing compound with NSN 8030-01-014-5869. Or use NSN 8030-01-104-5392 to get a box of ten 10cc bottles



Mandatory Replacement Parts for HIMARS Shock Absorbers

The HIMARS’ TM 9-2300-310-14&P doesn’t list any mandatory replacement parts criteria for the front shock absorbers. As a result, there’s a chance the front frame rails could be bent over the rubber bumper on the front leaf spring.

So the following parts must now be replaced every time the front shock absorbers are removed or replaced:

Item Name NSN
1 Self-locking screw 5310-01-369-6706
3 M16 cap screw 5305-01-369-8253
4 Machine bolt 5306-01-369-8192
6 Flat washer 5310-01-369-8923
7 Self-locking nut 5310-01-369-3339


1 Cap screw 5305-01-433-8469
2 Flat washer 5310-01-158-9053
3 Self-locking nut 5310-01-369-6706
5 Cap screw 5305-01-369-2264


In addition, the shock absorbers, NSN 2510-01-372-4839, must now be replaced as part of the biannual services.

This information will be added to TM 9-2300-310-14&P.