Tighten Up Loose Starter Bolts

Mechanics, the bolts that mount your FMTV or HIMARS starter to the engine have a bad habit of coming loose. In some cases the starter loosens enough that the end housing on the starter cracks or breaks.


Keep the bolts tight with this two-step process:

  1. Whenever the starter is removed, make sure the starter bolt’s threads are cleaned real good-like.
  2. Put a dab of sealing compound on the bolt’s threads and torque ‘em to 42-52 lb-ft. Get a 50ml bottle of sealing compound with NSN 8030-01-014-5869. Or use NSN 8030-01-104-5392 to get a box of ten 10cc bottles



Stamp Out Broken Clamps

Operators, get down on your hands and knees and check out the rear leaf spring, NSN 5360-01-375-7092, on your M1088A0/A1/A1R/A1P and M1157A1P2 FMTVs and M142 HIMARS.

The spring has a series of retaining clamps on each end: a short clamp on the bottom, an intermediate clamp that bands the #1 through #4 leaves, and a long clamp that binds everything together. The intermediate clamp on some vehicles is breaking from wear-and-tear and vehicle vibration.


While a broken clamp doesn’t make your vehicle NMC, you should still get your mechanic to remove it like this:

  1. Remove the long bolt and nut at the bottom.
  2. Pull out and discard the intermediate clamp.
  3. Insert two grade 8 bolts, NSN 5306-01-253-4429, through each side of the remaining two clamps. Secure them with two self-locking nuts, NSN 5310-01-241-6659.


By the way, if you order a new replacement spring with NSN 5360-01-375-7092, it will already be upgraded to the configuration without the intermediate clamp.

FMTV Interconnecting Box Revisited

Untitled   Page 14 of PS 753 (Aug 15) provided an email address for requesting a free FMTV interconnecting box. Unfortunately, a period was left out of that address. If your FMTV’s serial number is 100,001 or above, you can get the free interconnecting box, minus shipping costs, by sending an email to:


FMTV . . .Leave Two-Way Intercom Alone

Operators and mechanics, the two-way troop intercom system on the FMTV 2 1/2- and 5-ton cargo trucks has gone by the wayside.

That means the intercom’s kits and repair parts are no longer supported by TACOM LCMC. The vehicle’s IETM will be updated to reflect this change.

As long as it’s working, you can continue using the intercom, which is mounted on the inside and outside of the vehicle’s cab. If and when the intercom breaks, just leave it in place.

FMTV . . .Replace Dust Boot for FREE

Mechanics, the rubber dust boots that protect the FMTV’s cab ride height limit switch could be falling apart. Exposure to the elements can make these old-style boots dry rot.

A dry-rotted book doesn’t provide much protection. And that could lead to problems!

Whether the boot has started dry-rotting or not, you need to replace it. Remove the old boot by prying up its bottom edge. Then replace it with NSN 5930-01-642-8386 (PN 125321115). That gets a new-style boot that holds up to the elements better.

And if your truck qualifies, you can get a free boot by submitting a deficiency request form at:


This offer applies only to vehicles built between 11 Apr 12 and 28 Feb 15. And it expires February 2017. You’ll find the vehicle’s built-date info on the data plate inside the cab next to the driver’s knee.

FMTV . . . Blinded by the CTIS Light?

MS-5818 photo

Drivers, is the CTIS light on the dash of your LTAS FMTV lit? Is it driving you batty?

Then you need to eyeball the CTIS switch bypass cable (plug 31). It’s inside the cab under the instrument panel. This cable should be unplugged only when the vehicle is operating in cold temperatures and has an arctic heater kit installed.

Most of these LTAS vehicles were fielded without the arctic heater but with the cable unplugged. That means the CTIS is off.

It’s not a big deal as long as you’re willing to manually check the tire pressure for whatever terrain and speed you’re operating at. But it does mean that CTIS light is gonna glow!

So just plug the cable back in place to power up the CTIS system and out goes the light!