Wet Filter Turns Moldy

Operators, make sure you keep a close eye on the 621G scraper’s cab air filter, especially after a heavy rain.

The filter’s access door has a series of louvers that allows open air flow. Problem is, the louvers also allow water from rain and cab run-off inside the door. That water fills the channel along the inside bottom of the door.

If there’s too much water, it overflows the channel and the air filter soaks it up like a sponge. A soaked filter element gets moldy real quick!

MS-7535-M, Fig 1.jpg

You may also see buildup from water that seeps past the drain hoses attached to the A/C drip pan.

The hoses are installed with a grommet that fits into a hole in the plastic drip pan. But the grommet doesn’t fit tight and the silicone sealant holding it in place gives way from vehicle vibration.

Here’s the bottom line. There’s a fix in the works to get rid of the water. But in the meantime, make sure the air filter element stays clean and dry. Replace a wet or moldy filter with NSN 4330-01-602-0614. If it’s just dirty, clean the filter with low-pressure air (30 psi or less).


M2A1 Barrel Questions Got You Over a Barrel?

The bracket for Item 11 in WP 0038 00-2 of the M2A1 machine gun’s TM 9-1005-347-23&P shows the barrel assembly, NSN 1005-01-541-2478, to include the barrel, flash suppressor, barrel cap and carrying handle. But when you order that NSN, you receive only the barrel with the flash suppressor installed.
The bracket for Item 11 in WP 0038 00-2 does confuse things and will be removed in the next revision to the TM.
When you order NSN 1005-01-541-2478, you’ll receive only the barrel and the installed flash suppressor.
The barrel carrying handle (Item 12), NSN 1005-01-539-3410, is BII and should not be turned in with a damaged barrel.
The barrel cap (Item 14A), NSN 5340-01-545-2949, is BII for the BFA, which is covered by TM 9-1005-314-13&P. It also should be kept and not turned in with a damaged barrel.
The barrel cap can be used in place of the flash suppressor during live fire training. When the BFA is going to be used, the barrel cap should be installed like it says in the BFA TM. Remember there is also a barrel protective cap, NSN 5340-01-552-0082, which protects the barrel breech threads. Don’t mix up the caps.

Keep M3 Tripod Until You Get M205

On Page 43 of PS 760 (Mar 16) we told you the good news that the M205 tripod is replacing the M3 tripod.

It’s good news because the M205 is 32 percent lighter than the M3 and also includes an integral traverse and elevating mechanism.

But some units are jumping the gun and turning in their M3s before they get the M205. Not a good idea! They could be without tripods for a long time until they do get the M205. So keep using your M3s until you get the M205.

But once you get the M205, it’s important you turn in your M3s within 30 days. The Army will continue to use M3s for 3-4 years, so they need your M3s for other units. If any M3s aren’t usable, turn them in for local disposal.

Do not try to order the M205. If will be fielded through total package fielding (TPF).

Questions? Contact Grant Baker at DSN 786-1238, (586) 282-1238, or email:


AN/PSQ-20/20A Goggles Blind? Good News!

If your AN/PSQ-20, NSN 5855-01-534-6449, or AN/PSQ-20A, NSN 5855-01-603-0489, night vision goggles aren’t working, there’s good news. You can get them fixed if they qualify.

The fix doesn’t cover ancillary items or components of end item for the goggles and is available only if the goggles fail after a thorough inspection following TM 11-5855-322-10 or TM 11-5855-335-10 or their -23&Ps. Your 94F repairman does that.

To get your goggles fixed, you’ll need a return authorization from the manufacturer. Get it by logging into the warranty repair portal:


New users will need to register by clicking on the HERE button on the left side of the web page. Returning users can log on with their email address, password and DODAAC.

Once you receive a return authorization, fill out a DD Form 1348-1A and ship the goggles to:


Warranty/Customer Repair Service

7635 Plantation Road

Attention: Marketing Department RA#____

Roanoke, VA 24019

If you have questions, call Harris at (800) 533-5502 or (540) 563-0371.

Test Set Ensures Clear Vision

Many arms rooms already have a device that makes sure night vision devices, weapon sights, and driver’s viewers work properly.

The TS-4348/UV provides a near- infrared uniformly illuminated target that shows if night vision goggles meet the high and low light resolution requirements called for in the TMs.

Unfortunately, most TS-4348/UVs sit because no one knows how to use them. As a result, night vision or sight problems aren’t spotted until Soldiers go to the field.

To learn how to use the TS-4348/UV, see TM 11-5855-299-12&P.

If your unit doesn’t have a TS-4348/UV, order it with NSN 6625-01-323-9584 for around $1,700.

Remember, to be accurate, the TS-4348/UV must be calibrated. Check its TMDE calibration label to see when it’s due. No label? Send it to TMDE for calibration.

3 Tips for Getting PS Back Issues

We get lots of requests for PS back issues. That’s great! But we also get returns from the post office after filling back issue requests. That’s not so great and it’s costly, too.

Here are some tips to help make sure those back issues reach you:

Give us a good mailing address. Most returns are due to incomplete or inaccurate mailing addresses. Including a street with the address is critical. If you have any problems with mail reaching you at your military address, use your home address instead. No worries—our mailing list is never sold or shared.

We’ve gotten “refused” returns, too. Make sure that you tell whoever usually gets the mail at your unit that you’re expecting a package from PS. In your original request, specify the months or years and how many copies of each PS issue you want. Send your back issue request to:

usarmy.redstone.logsa.mbx. psmag@mail.mil

You can also request back issues by clicking on the REQUEST BACK ISSUE button at our website:   Just scroll down to the bottom of the tan-colored column.     To set up a monthly subscription to PS, follow the instructions at:

https://www.logsa.army.mil/psmag/ps-subscription.cfmYou can always download PS in digital form from our website, too.https://www.logsa.army.mil/psmag/pshome.cfm

PS Mobile App

You can also load recent issues of the magazine to your mobile device by using the PS Magazine mobile app. Read about it at:


PS supports the concept that you meet inspection requirements of having three years of PS Magazine on hand if you have them in either print or on your mobile device. Access means accessibility, not print vs mobile format.

M88A1…Keep Final Drive Sprockets On Track

Mechanics, the final drive hub sprocket’s threaded bolt holes on your M88A1 can strip or even break if you don’t do PM. That could leave your vehicle with a wobbly final drive sprocket.

Here’s how to keep those bolt holes in good shape and your final drive sprocket on track:

  • During semi-annual PMCS, inspect the final drive hub bolts. Re-torque loose bolts, NSN 5306-00-799-7722, to 225-250 lb-ft. Locking nuts, NSN 5310-00-225-6408 should be torqued to 70-90 lb-ft.
  • Only use those locking nuts once. If they’re loose or have to be removed, replace ‘em.
  • Always use a dab of GAA on the final drive hub sprocket bolts and locking nuts during installation.