Stocking Bench Stock

Keeping stock of shop and bench stock can be a real pain in the rear for mechanics responsible for a wide variety of Army equipment.

Wherever maintenance take place, bench stock should be available for use in each location. Bench stock is 30 days of supply (DOS) and is low cost, high use, consumable Class II, III (packaged), IV and IX (less components) items used by maintenance personnel at an unpredictable rate.

All the details are in AR 710-2, Supply Policy Below National Level (Mar 08). Check out Para 2-23 for shop stock and Para 2-24 for bench stock.

Bench stock consists of common hardware like resistors, wire, tubing, rope, welding rods, sandpaper, gasket material, sheet metal, seals, oils, grease, repair kits and more. Always make sure you get semiannual approval for a shop and bench stock list from your maintenance officer.

When you’ve got a lot of bench stock, you’ll need somewhere to keep it. For a few dollars, your unit can order a small parts storage box, NSN 8115-00-663-0212 or two transport and storage cases, NSN 8115-00-663-0213. The first case has 64 plastic drawers that are 3x3x5 inches each. The second case has 24 plastic drawers. Sixteen are 6x2x5 inches. The remaining eight of them are 6x4x5 inches. All the drawers come with dividers and a slot for inserting a label.


Repair, Don’t Replace, Precleaner

Item 1 of Fig 22 in TM 5-3805-298-24P (Mar 13) lists the 924H wheel loader’s precleaner, NSN 2940-01-068-7108. Replacing it will cost you a bit more than $107.

But what if it’s the cover or body that’s broken? Seems a shame to pay that much when only part of the precleaner is damaged.

Good news! Now you can replace those precleaner parts:

Item NSN Cost
Access cover 5340-00-103-8902 $17.56
Precleaner body 2940-00-876-2181 $19.65



Repairing the precleaner will save you a lot of bucks over the cost of a new precleaner. Make a note until the parts are added to the TM.