New Engine Conversion Kit


The M113-series FOV’s heater box-equipped engine, NSN 2815-01-248-7644, is being phased out through attrition. It’s replacement is the glow plug-equipped engine, NSN 2815-01-412-2715.


If you have an M113 that’s due for an engine replacement, order the new version. Keep in mind that you’ll need the glow-plug conversion kit, NSN 2815-01-653-9437. The kit upgrades the electrical system so it can accept the new engine.


You’ll find the instructions for installing the conversion kit in TM 9-2350-277-13&P in IETM EM 0321 (Oct 14).

Questions? Contact Christopher Faiola at DSN 786-8291, (586) 282-8291, or email:

or Floyd Perry at DSN 786-8290, (586) 282-8290, or email:

or Richard Darling DSN 786-2517, (586) 282-2517, or email:


GCSS-Army Turn-in Credit      

GCSS-Army has its own set of document numbers. Once the customer is issued a glow plug-equipped engine, NSN 2815-01-412-2715, a ZRL (return delivery to SSA) purchase request document is created. The ZRL document number is eligible for credit for 180 days.

The customer then turns in the heater box-equipped engine, NSN 2815-01-248-7644, with a ZXS (excess requisition) document since the return has no corresponding issue. The ZXS document will be assigned a return advice code (RAC) of 1W.

The SSA will need to manually match the -7644 return receipt against the -2717 issue document and manually remove the RAC to allow the system to generate credit. The SSA will also need to manually close the ZRL document so that it doesn’t match to another turn-in receipt.

Note: The issue and return MILSTRIP document numbers will be different.


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