M151 Spotting Scope Upgrade

If your unit uses the M151 spotting scope, NSN 6650-01-504-8456, NSN 6650-01-557-7444 or NSN 6650-01-549-5838, good news! The scope is being upgraded to improve its performance when used with a night vision device. The upgrade includes a grid-based reticle and night vision adapter.

The upgrade will be done by MWO 9-6650-238-50-1. The old spotting scopes will be swapped out at Camp Robinson, Eglin Air Force Base, Ft Benning, Ft Bliss, Ft Bragg, Ft Campbell, Ft Carson, Ft Drum, Ft Hood, Ft Lewis, Ft Polk and Ft Stewart. The swaps will be scheduled through FORSCOM in accordance with AR 750-10. TACOM is managing the MWO.

If your unit isn’t located at one of these posts, the swap will be handled by mail. Contact your local MWO coordinator for instructions. It will take roughly a month for the mail-in swap.

Whether your M151 is being swapped out locally or mailed in, it should be stripped down and contain no down parts. Any parts turned in other than the scope won’t be returned and it will be the unit’s responsibility to replace them.

Questions? Contact Buck Sewell at (586) 282-1333 or email:


or Christopher Kline at (586) 282-1357 or email:



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