Stamp Out Broken Clamps

Operators, get down on your hands and knees and check out the rear leaf spring, NSN 5360-01-375-7092, on your M1088A0/A1/A1R/A1P and M1157A1P2 FMTVs and M142 HIMARS.

The spring has a series of retaining clamps on each end: a short clamp on the bottom, an intermediate clamp that bands the #1 through #4 leaves, and a long clamp that binds everything together. The intermediate clamp on some vehicles is breaking from wear-and-tear and vehicle vibration.


While a broken clamp doesn’t make your vehicle NMC, you should still get your mechanic to remove it like this:

  1. Remove the long bolt and nut at the bottom.
  2. Pull out and discard the intermediate clamp.
  3. Insert two grade 8 bolts, NSN 5306-01-253-4429, through each side of the remaining two clamps. Secure them with two self-locking nuts, NSN 5310-01-241-6659.


By the way, if you order a new replacement spring with NSN 5360-01-375-7092, it will already be upgraded to the configuration without the intermediate clamp.


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