Rubber Boot Cracks Don’t Deadline

ms-7488-m-fig-1Some units are deadlining the M1235A4/A5 MaxxPro Dash ISS MRAP during checks and services. Why? Because they see cracks in the rubber boot cover on the steering gear output shaft that connects to the pitman arm.

Step 3 of Items 15 and 106 in the PMCS tables of TM 9-2355-441-10 says to check the pitman arms for cracks and bends. If the pitman arm is cracked or bent, the vehicle is deadlined.

But this is a case of mistaken identity! This particular check is referring to the pitman arm itself, not the output shaft’s rubber boot.

Cracks or tears in the output shaft boot do not deadline your vehicle. Cracks there have no bearing on the form, fit or function of the pitman arm. The pitman arm has an internal seal to protect it.

For more info, check out TACOM Maintenance Information message 16-046:


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