Take an App Approach

If you could keep from bruising your knuckles or breaking your back when you’re doing PMCS or equipment repairs, you’d jump at the chance. You’d probably want to know all about a tool that helps protect you while making you more proficient and efficient in doing your job.

There is such a tool, but it might fool you at first. It’s a magazine and it’s small – but it’s one heck of a tool.

Let’s think about that nut, tube, or other component that needs replacing. You’ve dug through a dog-eared tech manual, finally found the national stock number (NSN), and you’ve got it ordered. But the requisition comes back unfilled. That NSN is a terminal item and it’s out-of-stock.

What the heck? How can you fix stuff when the Army no longer supplies the part? PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly, that handy little magazine, is the tool you need. The probability is that PS Magazine has already published a story about the NSN being terminal and has provided the new NSN you should be using instead.

Or maybe some other Soldiers have noticed a part that gets overlooked in PMCS, but keeps other parts from working right when it fails. That puts your vehicle at risk of fire, damage, or loss. PS lets you know what to look for.

Maybe there’s a new MWO out that you haven’t heard about yet. PS has probably written about it, telling readers where to find the MWO and who’s going to do it!

Now, PS Magazine has been retooled just for you. In addition to the monthly printed magazine that’s been available to units since 1951, PS is now available as a mobile app for both Apple and Android tablets and phones.

We’ve included static PDF issues from 2014 through February 2016, but the issues from March 2016 forward are interactive. Videos are attached to links in some articles, some articles link to photographs of equipment components, a link to our website allows access to our search engine covering all articles dating back to 2000. Additional videos are available on our Resources link for use as individual learning or team training material. The Hot Topics link allows PS to get late-breaking information to you concerning your equipment. Maybe a specific part needs to be checked immediately to avoid equipment breakdown, or there’s an urgent need for an unserviceable part so it can be repaired and put back into the supply system.

PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly is an official Army technical bulletin, but it uses color, sequential art (cartoon art) techniques, and equipment illustrations to provide you current information approved by equipment proponents.

PS is the information tool that needs to be in your toolbox and now on your tablet or phone. Use these QR codes or the following URL addresses to get the App and download the magazine:

Fig 1

PS website: https://www.logsa.army.mil/psmag/pshome.cfm

Fig 2

Android PS MAG App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mil.logsa.army.psmag&hl=en

Fig 3

Apple PS MAG App https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/p.s.magazine/id1082232259?mt=8


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