EIR Digest Returns

A popular Army equipment publication is back after a 7-year absence. TACOM LCMC started the Equipment Improvement Report and Maintenance Digest (EIR Digest) back in the 1970s. It ended publication in 2009 but is now back.

EIR Digest covers all categories of equipment managed by the TACOM LCMC. It gives information on EIRs, equipment publication changes, 2028 response information, and publication actions.

EIR Digest contains the following chapters:

  1. General information
  2. EIR cases
  3. Minor alterations
  4. Ideas approved for implementation based on submittals from DA Form 2028, Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms
  5. Miscellaneous technical information
  6. Authenticated technical equipment publications
  7. Safety and maintenance messages.

Issues are quarterly and the info expires two years after publication.

You can download the EIR Digest at:


To see a list of all available issues, type TB 43-0001-62-% in the Pub Number box and click Search. The newest issue should appear at the bottom of the list.

For questions or to submit ideas, put “EIR Digest” in the subject line and email:



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