M326 Mortar Stowage Kit . . .Engaging Disengage Lever

The M326 mortar stowage kit (MSK) is used for transporting the 120mm mortar. When Soldiers have trouble moving the M326’s disengage lever on the gear box, they sometimes hit it with a blunt object like a hammer.

Bad move! That breaks the handle. The only fix is to replace the entire hydraulic drive.

To keep the lever from locking up, operators should quickly press the HOIST DOWN button on the control pendant assembly when the mortar is in the travel position. That releases pressure on the gears, allowing the disengage lever to move freely.

If power is lost and the gears are locked up, follow the procedures in WP 00 13 in TM 9-2590-527-13&P.

If you have any questions about the M326, contact Erik Jensen at (586) 282-1220 or email:



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