New Tourniquet Available

The US Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA) is fielding a new junctional tourniquet designed to save warfighters who are injured in the groin or armpit areas.

The SAM® junctional tourniquet weighs about one pound. It straps on like a belt and includes two inflatable air bladders that medics can inflate individually or at the same time. It can be positioned in less than a minute—a critical advantage for combat medics who often just have mere minutes to save a life.

The Combat Application Tourniquet is still standard issue to all deploying Soldiers, but it doesn’t work on junctional injuries.

A junctional tourniquet modular lightweight load-carrying equipment

(MOLLE) bag has also been developed that fastens to a combat medic’s main M9 bag.

Get the new junctional tourniquet and MOLLE bag with NSN 6515-01-646-2617 (about $500), or order the tourniquet

alone with NSN 6515-01-618-7475 (about $300).

Each single-use tourniquet comes with a training DVD and step-by-step instructions printed on the actual device, plus an instruction card.


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