AGSE . . . The ALUMMC is Coming Soon

Crews and mechanics, PM AGSE will soon be fielding the new aviation light utility mobile maintenance cart (ALUMMC), NSN 1740-01-632-9476. The ALUMMC is a flatbed cart and is designed to haul parts and equipment around the hangar and airfield.


As with any new vehicle, your priority is to make sure you perform all the PMCS listed in TM 1-1740-213-13&P. According to the maintenance allocation chart (MAC), operators should only inspect the ALUMMC. Mechanics (MOS 91B) perform all maintenance by the book, without taking shortcuts.


Here are a few tips you need to know about the ALUMMC:

o When loading the cart, the maximum payload capacity of the bed is 800 pounds.

o The ALUMMC is not intended to be used for towing. It may look like a rugged workhorse, but don’t let that fool you. Always use the standard aircraft towing system (SATS), NSN 1740-01-575-5662, to tow aircraft.

o The only jack authorized for use on the ALUMMC is the 5-ton hydraulic jack, NSN 4910-00-289-7233.

o The vehicle has a fan, ventilation system and a heater, but no air conditioning. To keep it cool, remove the doors like it says in WP 0129 in the -13&P TM.

Take some time to read through the new TM and familiarize yourself with it. It’s your guide to maintaining the ALUMMC. The new vehicle has a 24 month or 2,000 hour warranty, whichever comes first. If you have any issues outside of normal wear and tear, contact PM AGSE to determine warranty applicability.

Questions? Contact PM AGSE’s help desk at:



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