Logistics Management . . .Fire Support Command and Control Systems Added to MMDF

PM Mission Command has added several Fire Support Command and Control (FSC2) Systems to the Maintenance Master Data File (MMDF). The 5 LINs/8 NSNs added are as follows:

AN/GYK-56 Client/EMT 7010-01-501-1560 C05018
AN/GYK-63(V)2 AFATDS 7010-01-560-8112 C05032
AN/GYK-63A(V)2 AFATDS 7010-01-642-0638 C05032
AN/GYK-63A(V)3 AFATDS 7010-01-644-2212 C05032
AN/PSG-10(V)3 PFED 7010-01-538-9663 C05011
AN/PSG-14A(V)1 LFED 7010-01-624-0393 C04819
AN/PSG-14A(V)2 LFED 7010-01-623-9078 C04819
AN/PYG-1A(V)1 Centaur 7010-01-620-2824 C53293


The MMDF is a USAMC Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) product that identifies the Army’s readiness-reportable equipment and systems. If your equipment is in the MMDF that means you must report its readiness status. That requirement is found in Para 2-6b of AR 700-138, Army Logistics Readiness and Sustainability (Feb 04). It applies to Active Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve.

You should also review AR 750-1, Army Materiel Maintenance Policy (Sep 13), for additional guidance.

Where to Find the MMDF

You’ll find it online in the LOGSA Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW):


   Request access through your supervisor and security manager. For MMDF issues or support, call DSN 645-9682, (256) 955-9682, or email:


Got FSC2 Questions?

For FSC2 Systems questions, contact Scott (Scottee) Welsh, DSN 648-1012, (443) 395-1012, e-mail:



Adam Santini, DSN 648-1013, (443) 395-1013, email:



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