Everything You Need for UMARK

Mechanics, the last time we told you about the unit maintenance aerial recovery kit (UMARK), it was about checking for defective slings (https://www.logsa.army.mil/psmag/archives/PS2011/703/703-38-39.pdf).

Here’s some additional information to keep your UMARK, NSN 8145-01-487-0841, in operation. The UMARK has everything you need for aircraft recovery. The entire system comes in three boxes. Here’s a list of NSNs to keep handy for a quick parts inventory:

UMARK Box 1, Slings
Item NSN Part No.
UMARK usage tracking form
Green/white sling, 12 1/2 feet 3940-01-538-5739 94D519-1
Blue/white sling, 30 feet 3940-01-538-9499 94D519-4
Red/white sling, 17 1/3 feet 3940-01-539-1505 94D519-3
Yellow/white sling, 13 3/4 feet 3940-01-539-0534 94D519-2
Black/white sling, 10 feet 3940-01-538-6784 94D519-5
Black/white sling, 30 feet 3940-01-538-6732 94H520-1
Black/white sling w/bridle attachment, 30 feet 3940-01-538-5218 94H520-2
Sling retainer assembly 3940-01-543-9075 1012736
Sling sheath, 34 inches 1650-01-632-6759 1024781-1
Sling sheath, 6 feet 1650-01-632-6753 1024781-3
Hard Card 94J500-401
UMARK inventory card case 1 1037403-001
UMARK Box 2, Crossbar Assembly
Item NSN Part No.
Crossbar assembly 3940-01-538-3471 94H501-1
UMARK inventory card (case 2) 1037403-003
UMARK Box 3, Link/Lifting Assembly
Box link assembly 3940-01-538-9452 94C524-1
Sling link assembly 3940-01-538-0291 94H523-1
25K clevis assembly 4030-01-539-0567 94D514-1
Lifting clevis assembly 5340-01-539-1932 94D509-1
CH-47 hook thimble 4030-01-549-4538 94C533-1
AH-1 mast wedge 1680-01-539-3155 94D529-1
Blade bag 1615-01-570-5418 94J516-1
UH-1 square wedge 5340-01-538-4723 94D528-1
Drogue chute 1670-00-391-8499 1670EG029B3
OH-58D sight wedge 5430-01-538-5104 94D527-1
Snapless tie-down 1670-01-541-1132 94C522-2
Fixed length tie-down 1670-01-538-2808 94C522-1
Adjustable length tie-down sling 1670-01-538-2835 94H521-1
OH-58C mast wedge 5340-01-538-4862 94D530-1
Shackle, 6 1/2-ton 4030-01-568-0061 1020496
Sling extension 1670-01-538-8611 94H521-2
Blade pole assembly 1730-01-617-3781 94J531-1
Sling sheath, 8 feet 1650-01-632-6756 1028532
UMARK inventory card 1037403-005

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