AGSE…Maintaining Jacks

Mechanics, if you have jacks sitting around the hangar collecting dust, make sure you give them a personal maintenance once-over before using them on your aircraft.

Here are some things you should eyeball: the hydraulic pump cylinder and ram for leaks, support structure base cracks, and loose locknuts.

Also check for missing or damaged hardware and bad hoses. And don’t forget the base—it’s often neglected. If the base has casters, they should move freely and have good tread.

Make sure the jack is free of dirt. Dirt acts like an abrasive and grinds into parts. That lets corrosion gain a foothold.

If your jack has a leak, don’t use it until it has been checked out. After a jack is repaired, make sure it’s load tested prior to use. It’s required by Para 4 of TB 43-0142, Safety Inspection and Testing of Lifting Devices.

There are three different jacks in use for aircraft lifting. The 12-ton jack, NSN 1730-00-912-3998, has two different manufacturers: Malabar and Columbus Regent. The 10-ton jack comes with NSN 1730-00-203-4697 and the 5-ton jack with NSN 1730-00-516-2018.

The Malabar and Columbus Regent jacks are similar, but there are a few differences. One good example is the O-ring gasket shown as Item 35 in Fig 1 of TM 55-1730-218-20P. The Malabar O-ring comes with NSN 5330-01-622-6209, while NSN 5331-01-075-2184 gets the Columbus Regent O-ring.

Another way to identify the jacks is to look at their data plates. Columbus Regent jacks will have one of the following serial numbers:

  • 801‑1291
  • 0371‑2 thru ‑3
  • 10152‑1 thru ‑3
  • 10193‑1 thru ‑4
  • 10366‑5 thru ‑6
  • 10495‑1 thru ‑6
  • 10674‑1 thru ‑3
  • 10691‑1 thru ‑6
  • 11420‑1 thru ‑4
  • 11490‑1 thru ‑20
  • 11691‑7 thru ‑18
  • 11719‑1 thru ‑230
  • 11738‑1 thru ‑2
  • 11952‑5 thru ‑8
  • 12089‑14 thru ‑20

Before discarding a broken jack and laying out $12,000 for a new one, try rebuilding the jack. Most jack problems stem from damaged seals. Replacing the seals usually takes care of most problems.

All three jacks have rebuild kits available to make overhauling easy. Order the kit you need with these NSNs:






Columbus Regent 12-ton




Malabar 12-ton










PN TES3-5, CAGE 00994

Each rebuild kit consists of assorted gaskets, roll pins, preformed packings, O-rings, springs, cotter pins, steel balls and oil screens.

After you’ve determined what jacks can be repaired, reference the following TMs for maintenance help:

  • TM 55-1730-218-12, 12-ton jack
  • TM 55-1730-218-20P, 12-ton jack
  • TM 1-1730-221-23P, 10-ton jack
  • TM 1-1730-202-13&P, 5-ton jack
  • TM 1-1730-219-23P, 5-ton jack


Remember to check out Chapter 9 in TM 1-1500-204-23-9, General Aircraft Maintenance, for more information on jacks. If you’re still using the 3-ton jack, NSN 1730-01-541-3186, for ground support, you’ll find everything you need to maintain it in TM 1-1730-270-13&P.

The 12-ton jacks are managed by the Air Force and its new TM will be a multi-service manual with both the Air Force TO and Army TM numbers appearing on the cover. Army users should continue using a DA Form 2028 for submitting suggested changes to this TM.

If you have questions about jacks, TMs or maintenance messages, contact the AGSE team on the web at:

You’ll need your CAC card to access the site. When you enter the site, click on the AGSE tab. On the right side of the page under AGSE Support, click on AGSE Help Ticket to submit questions. The help ticket allows you to submit an equipment-specific problem or question directly to a subject matter expert. An email will be sent back within 24 hours to provide you the status of your query.


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