Less Costly Safety Board Available

On Pages 50-51 in PS 750 (May 15), we explained how to make your own safety board and gave you an NSN for ordering a ready-made safety board.

NSN 4910-01-618-4321 brings all the required safety items, but now costs around $3,800. And the Army isn’t listed as a user in FED LOG.

There is a cheaper Army alternative: NSN 4910-01-620-2614. It runs around $2,270 and comes with:

o Ground stick

o Safety hook

o Grounding cable

o Hearing protection

o Safety goggles

o First aid kit

o Flashlight

o D batteries

o Sash cord rope

o Insulated gloves

o Material to build the safety board

Other items you might want to consider around or on the safety board are a resuscitator, a portable defibrillator and hazard signs.

Remember, don’t stack things in front of the board and do put it in a central location. If Soldiers can’t get to it quickly, it won’t be of much help.       Inspect the board every month to make sure all items are on-hand and in good shape.

And make safety training SOP. Everyone working in the area should know each piece of equipment on the safety board and how to use it.


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