NVDs…Use of TB Prohibited

Maintainers, when performing maintenance on the Aviator Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS), make sure you follow the instructions in aviation safety action message (ASAM) GEN-14-ASAM-01. Do not use TB 1-1500-348-30 (Aug 13).

TB 1-1500-348-30 was accidently published with out-of-date ANVIS maintenance procedures and record- keeping information. The TB also refers to systems and components that are obsolete and no longer available in the field.

Destroy all copies of TB 1-1500-348-30. The Army Publishing Directorate (APD) has removed the TB from its website.

To maintain your ANVIS, follow all the information and procedures contained in GEN-13-ASAM-01 and the applicable maintenance manuals.

For the specific details on both ASAM messages, go to the AMCOM Safety & Maintenance Messages website:


Once there, login with your CAC. Click the Aviation button, then click Consolidated Listing By Aircraft. Select GEN from the Choose System Type drop down menu and click Continue. You can either scroll down until you find the message or click the ASAM button, to go directly to the list of ASAMs.


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