Transfer Aircraft the Right Way

There’s a right way and a wrong way to transfer an aircraft from one unit to another. The right way is with complete and correct paperwork. The wrong way is with missing or incomplete paperwork or paperwork that has errors.

Here’s the gist of the situation: During an aircraft transfer from unit A (the losing unit) to unit B (the gaining unit), unit A gets in a hurry and doesn’t give historical records and documents the proper attention they need. Unit B maybe overwhelmed with a possible new mission and all the details involved with that process. They don’t usually discover the situation with the aircraft records until after the transfer takes place.

When unit B finally examines the aircraft, they discover that its historical data is either missing or the forms were not filled out correctly. There may be problems with the DA Form 2408-16, Aircraft Component Historical Record; DA Form 2408-16-1, Historical Recorder Component Module Record; DA From 2408-16-2, Auxiliary Power Unit and Component Record; DA Form 2408-17, Aircraft Inventory Record; and incorrect inspection data on the DA Form 2408-18, Equipment Inspection List.

The process that Unit B has to go through to correct errors in historical records and paperwork means a lot of work. It sometimes means contacting the AMCOM 2410 Hotline to fix the problems.

In a worst case scenario, Unit B may have to ground the aircraft if parts lacking historical data need replacement. That can affect their mission support capabilities and readiness.

It’s important when preparing an aircraft for transfer that you make sure all of the aircraft historical and legitimate code file (LCF) data in ULLS-A are up-to-snuff. Just imagine how you’d feel if you were the receiving unit.

Make a note that the upcoming change 66 to ULLS-AE will include LCF scrubber scripts to assist the gaining and losing units in identifying parts and inspections which may have been entered incorrectly. Gaining units should request a copy of the report to ensure the losing unit has made the corrections.

If you do need 2410 Hotline assistance, call DSN 897-2410, (256) 313-2410 or toll free (877) 511-8139. Leave your name, UIC and a complete phone number. You can also send an email to:


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