Aviation Tools Have Come a Long Way

Mechanics, the aviation ground support equipment (AGSE) product manager is beginning to field the new common aviation tool system (CATS).

CATS is replacing the new aviation tool system (NATS) and includes aerospace and industrial quality tools that are housed in drawers with foam cutouts. Included in each tool kit is an illustrated component list which shows the storage location in for tools in each drawer. That simplifies inventory and reduces the risk of foreign object damage (FOD).

CATS is made up of several different tool kits. These kits include:

  • Hydraulic tool kit (HYTK),

NSN 5180-01-628-2370

  • Power plant tool kit (PPTK),

NSN 5180-01-628-2371

  • Technical inspection tool kit

(TITK), NSN 5180-01-628-2372

  • Electrical tool kit (ELTK),

NSN 5180-01-628-2373

  • Powertrain tool kit (PTTK),

NSN 5180-01-726-2374

  • General mechanics tool kit

(GMTK), NSN 5180-01-628-2375

  • Sheet metal tool kit (SMTK),

NSN 5180-01-628-2376

CATS fielding should be done by the 4th quarter of FY17. All active, National Guard and Reserve MTOE and specified TDA units will receive CATS to replace their existing NATS.

To keep current on AGSE information, click the AGSE tab on the CAPS website. A CAC login is required.


When You Need Help

The AGSE Help Ticket link in the AGSE section of the CAPS website allows you to submit an equipment-specific question directly to a subject matter expert. You will get automatic emails informing you of the progress of your inquiry. The AGSE Help Ticket link is in the upper right-hand corner of the AGSE page. You can access it directly at:



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