Save Your Aircraft Windows

Mechanics, you can minimize downtime and save your unit tons of money by repairing damaged acrylic aircraft windows instead of ordering new ones.

Tossing out acrylic aircraft windows because of scratches, blemishes or minor damage is costly. Instead, repair them while they remain in the frame on the aircraft with the window repair kit, NSN 4920-01-569-3630 (PN EZ2050B-1). This kit was recently improved so you may have the original PN, EZ2050B.

The window repair kit is included in the unit aviation shop set, NSN 4920-01-551-7472, and the AVIM sheet metal shop set, NSN 4920-01-600-7364. The kit contains an instruction manual and training DVD that explains the simple 2-3 step process for restoring acrylic aircraft windows.

Repairing windows is a good way to get in the habit of saving money, especially with tighter budgets. Make a note until TM 1-1500-204-23-10 is updated to include the window repair kit.


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