Computers & Software…Turn In EWO Laptops

The phase-out of Microsoft’s Windows XP® forced several big changes in the Army. One of the biggest affects electronic warfare officers (EWOs).

For years, multiple software platforms used by the electronic warfare community were located on multiple laptops. This meant that each EWO had to use and maintain up to three laptops. No single laptop had all the software needed for EWO operations.

However, the Army’s recent upgrade to Windows 7® made the Automated Information Management Support Equipment (AIMSE) in the old EWO toolkit obsolete.

To fix this issue, PD Electronic Attack (EA), (formerly PD CREW), moved all counter radio controlled improvised electronic device electronic warfare (CREW) support tools from the EWO laptop to the Universal Test Set (UTS) V2 AN/GLM-11, NSN 5865-01-620-2133, which runs on Windows 7®.

This means that one laptop and a single software solution are replacing multiple laptops and software previously used for EWO operations. This saves millions of dollars and makes a big job easier.

But it also means any EWO laptop computer models CF-29 and CF-30, which run Windows XP, are now obsolete and must be retired from service. The old laptops should be turned in as follows:


Ship to:

Ken Klemke/Todd Edwards





TOBYHANNA PA 18466-5059

Questions? Call (570) 615-6646.


Turn in old laptops to your local PD EA Regional Support Center (RSC).

   New software images have been developed that will be distributed to UTS users in the field. Any CF-31 laptops, NSN 7021-01-601-2466, should be turned in to PD EA personnel for software upgrade and laptop reuse.

Laptop-only solutions for schoolhouse and training environments are still being developed for more affordable laptop platforms.

To get the UTS software image in theater, email:

For UTS support in all other locations, contact Lou Rader at DSN 648-4774, (443)395-4774, or email:

For information assurance questions or concerns, contact Scott Redding at DSN 648-4744, (443)395-4744, or email:

For more details, download CECOM’s Maintenance Advisory Message (MAM) 2015-05-02 from the Logistics Support Activity’s Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) portal. Login to LIW at:

Enter the MMIS application or if you haven’t visited before, add the “MMIS” button first from the App Warehouse. You’ll find MAMs in the MMIS Library.


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