M109A6 Paladin…Segment Board Cleaning Done Right

Crewmen, dirt, sand, oil and condensation tend to collect on your Paladin’s slip ring. As the cab is traversed, that crud builds up on the segment board and shorts it out.

Things only get worse from there. A shorted segment board shuts down your commo and the vehicle motion sensor. You’ll also get navigation faults in the digital fire control system.

Keep your Paladin up and running by cleaning the segment board once a week just like it says in the -10 TM. Here’s how:

  1. Turn the vehicle master power switch to OFF.
  2. Remove the cover plates over the segment board.MS-6811-S Fig 2
  3. Soak a nylon scrub pad, NSN 7920-00-753-5242, with isopropyl alcohol, NSN 6810-01-190-2538, and clean the exposed portion of the board. MS-6811-S Fig 1Do not use denatured alcohol. It is too volatile and could result in a fire.
  4. Wipe the scrubbed area of the board again with a clean cloth.
  5. Manually traverse the cab enough to expose the next portion of the segment board and clean again.

Keep manually traversing until the entire board is clean. Watch out, though! Using power to traverse the cab will give anyone cleaning the segment board a big shock or even cause a fire!

Check out WP 0183 of TM 9-2350-314-10-2 (May 14) for the full scoop on cleaning your Paladin’s segment board.

For more details, check out TACOM ground precautionary action message 15-013 on the TACOM-Unique Logistics Support Applications (TULSA) website:


You’ll need your CAC and first-time users must request access.

Questions? Contact Ben Krueger at (586) 282-7312 or email at:



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