M1000 HET Semitrailer…Watch Out For Wrong Way Bolts

Operators, take a close look at the number four street-side bogie (axle) on your HET M1000 semitrailer. Specifically, check for a welded drain valve at the bottom of the tank near the connector rod and connector rod end.

Now check the locknuts, NSN 5310-00-877-5795, and bolts, NSN 5305-00-719-5240, used on the connector rod, NSN 3040-01-371-7854. If the locknuts face the bottom of the trailer, they can snag the drain valve during steering.

In that case, your mechanic will need to reverse the locknuts and bolts so the locknuts are facing the ground. Make sure he uses new locknuts if the change is necessary.

Not all trailers have the welded drain valve. If the valve isn’t there, the locknuts should face the trailer’s bottom.

For more info, check out TACOM maintenance information message 15-031 on the TACOM-Unique Logistics Support Applications (TULSA) website:


You’ll need your CAC and first-time users must first request access.

Fig 1


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