Small Arms BII…Going to the Field? Be Prepared

When units go the field, they should follow the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared!
Unfortunately, it’s more often a case of “Uh-oh, I forgot to bring that.” That’s especially true with small arms. Units go the range and take nothing but weapons and ammo. Result: Gunners fire and fire through the same barrel until it’s ruined. Weapons need lubing but no one remembered to bring any lube. Gas systems get plugged but no one brought a reamer. An M2 needs to be headspaced and timed but there are no gages. Firing problems develop but no one has the -10 TM to consult for troubleshooting.
If you’re going to the range, be prepared. At the very least, you need these items:
o Each weapon’s -10 TM
o Correct lubricants
o Spare barrel for each machine gun
o Gas system cleaning tool for each M240 and M249 machine gun
o Headspace and timing gages for each M2 machine gun
o Barrel mitten for each M2
o Cleaning rod for each weapon
o Extractor tool for each weapon
And if it’s been a while since your unit has fired, arrange refresher training before going to the range. Your 91F small arms repairman, master gunner, COMET, or TACOM LAR can help with that.
A little preparation can easily prevent big problems.


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